Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby it's cold Outside!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, if you live anywhere in the U.S. Chances are
You are COLD a right now!
Just WOW!

Keep warm and snugly if you can!

I am hoping to be more present on the blog here this year,
Last year was pretty rough for me and I had to take a break.
No matter how many times I tried to re start, 
More things just seemed to keep happening...

I have been pretty sick and I a, still dealing with issues
Hopefully in February things will start to return to normal! 

So - what have Ibeen working on?!
A little Instagram here and there...
Some crafting...
Took a much needed trip to see friends and my favorite band....
And have just been trying to get through every day as best I can....
Here is to a better Year 2015....

    Let me know how you have been!
    Happy Thursday everyone!