Friday, December 6, 2013

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Finally in the mood 
to get everything out and start

Here are some  cheerful scenes we set up
from Christmas past...

 Just a sampling of the collection from over the years!

Who knows what we will do this year?!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday
and find some inspiration out there!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I took an extended leave of absence
here to focus on my project
to help my friend with
Brain Cancer to meet his idol.
It worked!
Boy was it a busy last two months!
I was on the road for about 
a week and a half.
Some great surprises that
have happened since then and I was interviewed
on Sirius XM Radio about
the project as well!
If you want to see the results
of the project
you can visit here at
In a nutshell
here is what happened
We did get to meet Stone!
Eddie Vedder stopped by
Mike McCready as well!
We had a fun roadtrip and it was like a family
Here are just a couple of photos I took...
Nothing like a little advertising during the trip.....

I learned a lot about photographing
in an ever changing environment.
The lighting constantly changes from the set up.
I took all of these from up in the stands -
we had GREAT seats -  I was not down beside the stage
like the hired photographers.
I think I did a pretty good job considering.
I used NO flash
and everything was on the fly!

See what I mean about lighting?
Purple, red, blue, green, white to a yellow  ...

 I have had to watermark all of the shots
to keep them from being copied / stolen
- so please forgive their placement.
It was an amazing experience.
Not only did it re-enforce why my friends
and I all love this band...
the morals they stand behind - encouragement to
be yourself - to help one another -
to let art help you through or to help others
through self expression- 
it was wonderful to feel all
the support Clinton and I got
to achieve our goal!
The people who stepped up to the plate
who did not have to do a thing!
Some of my readers from here even participated! 
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
I'm slowly getting back into
the swing of things
and some other
amazing opportunities have
popped up for me now
because of this experience.
I will share them with you
and December will be back to normal here
fun projects -
some simple photos -
Glad to be back everyone!
Let me know how you have been!
Happy Thursday!