Thursday, June 27, 2013


I can't believe it has been
over 20 years....
Since you left this earth...
Of all the people in my life
I think you have affected me the most...

Unconditional Love with the truest of hearts...
giving without expectations...
Skilled hands who made meals and doll clothing with care...
No matter how tired - you always had time
I know when you are here....
You are loved and missed to this day.
I can only hope that I even come close to
the type of woman you were at heart.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Southern Gravy Goodness.....

Ever have one of those
recipes you just know by heart?
I have a very few.
This gravy recipe has become one of them.
For years I could not find a good
white biscuit gravy recipe that
resembled my great grandmothers...
Until this one...
I thought I would share it because it is such a favorite.

Southern White Gravy
4 T butter
4 heaping T all purpose flour
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste (if desired.)
2 c milk

Melt the butter in a saucepan, 

and when it's all melted add the flour and then the pepper and salt. 
It will start to get bubbly. 
When it's really bubbling up (does not take much time), 
add the milk. 
Continuously stir until the gravy thickens.

Another favorite variation
includes sausage.
Just fry your sausage into crumbles 
and then drain the fat.
Add to the gravy mix when done.

It definitely is a Southern Thang!

Pour over biscuits for breakfast!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thrifty goodness....

I found this  little gem
last week
at my favorite 
Secret Spot..
It is a place I refuse to divulge
I want to keep the little Thrift Treasure Island all to myself!

 It was marked $4
 it was half off day
 for some reason I got another discount
on top of that!
So I paid under $2 for it
 I also came home with
a few clothing items 
a handkerchief
and a few sewing notions!
and my total was $2.98
for everything!
It is a locket as sweet!
It is sized for a very small wrist or a child.
Reminds me of the little carnival prizes from the 40's and 50's.
I have a similar one that belonged to my grandmother.
It's good to find quality when you are out looking for treasure
isn't it!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gel Sticks, Ink, and late night Latte's....

Happy Father's Day!
Hope you are safe and happy
wherever you are....

I wanted to share a bit of what I have been up to lately...

I have been trying to spend my evenings
at the table
drawing and painting.

I have always loved watercolors.
For me drawing and painting,etc. came naturally..
what I have realized
is that I don't 
I can't expect to throw out something I'm really proud of
 if I don't.
 After taking a class with Melody Ross
it really stuck with me 
when she said
"I've done this thousands of times, it comes naturally now -
you can't expect to be perfect or for it to be easy your first time"
While I have always been artistic
 it hit home
that I'm too sporadic at what I do...

I decided to try a more
loose use of color and wash
the very intricate way I used to paint.
Then I decided to add in some pen and ink to the mix...
I have been using my Pinterest boards for inspiration...
I painted this the 2nd night I decided to start this journey...
 I'm just using a Sketchbook
not a watercolor pad...

Third night I came up with a similar version
but on watercolor paper...

on the fourth night
I went back to the sketchbook
created this
I'm really happy with how she turned out...
I used a B&W photo that I have
on my Artsy Goodness page 
on Pinterest.
The image doesn't do her justice in my opinion...
I'm falling in love with the use of ink in addition
to the watercolors.
It has been a lot of fun   - honestly.
 I have been up quite late  a few of those nights.
It is funny though -
 when I am doing something I am so "into"
 I could care less about being hungry
tired...I can't stop!
I'll keep you up to speed with some of my progress
during this  summer.
Do you have a new medium you have tried recently?
a new product that you think is amazing?
Here is a link to what the Gel Sticks are if you have not seen them before-
 I have both sets pictured...
 I think it is hilarious that they are marketing them
with the children's pictures
 I think these would be a mess
with a child who is not careful. 
They are very creamy - once onto  the page
- fine - 
but I could see 
a child getting them on other things before that 
and they'd be a pain to get off!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Something old but new.....


I am seriously lacking in my posts this past week...
things have just been crazy!
One highlight of last week however was
a nice little package I received in the mail
from my bestest friend in N.C.

She sent me these cards that had belonged
to her Aunt...
She knew I would love them...
She's good that way ;)
 If you look close you will see
that each one has
the name of the character on the front of the card
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Little Red Riding Hood!
Then when you open them...

 A Greeting
and a fold out page that turns into this...
A story about the character!
Even the back of the cards are decorated with illustration!
How neat are these?
Here are a few more....
Jack and Jill
 Little Miss Muffet
Jack and the Beanstalk
I love how this one was signed by a whole
group of people...
Then these last two featured
children in the traditional dress
of their country
with a cute little poem inside
How cool are those?
Have you ever seen any like these?
I just wonder if they were a cute line of greeting cards or if
they were something to collect for children?

Hope you enjoyed a peek at them
and \thanks
again to my gal Esta who knows me well.
it's great to have friends who really "get" you!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sea Dreams.....

I am
so ready
the beach!

 Just a few
in honor of our first week of
pretty solid 90 degree
Definitely has us ready to head out
to the 'Banks...
 Our family has been
vacationing there for
 (My Great Aunt, Great Grandmother, Granmother and mom as a child!)
Just look at that Sand Dune!
 (Little Keeper and his Bestie)
(Me as a youngun')
 My grandparents
had a spot on a place called
Walnut Island
that was on the sound side of the OBX.
I loved going there with them!
Travel with them was sooo much fun!
Can't wait...

 to dip my toes in the sand!
 What is your favorite vacation spot?