Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homemade Halloween.....

Just wanted 
to wish 
Happy Halloween!
Just had to post this picture
of my sister and I
from a few years ago...
(insert sarcastic laugh here)

Do you have any costumes from Halloween you just
absolutely remember the most?
These are two of ours...
My category was pretty much always
Witch or Gypsy
my sisters
Clown or Princess
 (See me in the background...same costume but with my moms wig!)

We never had store bought costumes...
we always used stuff we had 
made it more elaborate...
Mom always did our hair and makeup for us.
My son has had mostly store bought costumes
because thrifty mommy always goes and gets one when they 
are 75 percent off!
Plus what kid doesn't want to wear an astronaut suit 
occasionally during the year?
Boys I am finding like to dress up just like
Maybe next year we will go for a full on homemade costume?!
Wishing everyone
Happy Halloween!
Stay safe and warm!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weathering the Storm.....

We survived Hurricane Sandy...
just a lot of muck to clean up at this point.
Usually after a Hurricane it is warm...
of course this crazy storm turned into a
Nor'Easter for Halloween instead.

Hope my fellow East coasters did o.k. too.

I was sitting yesterday watching
my little guy play ..
(school was cancelled)

 Hard to believe this was four years ago....
Here he is today
on a hayride with his grandpa...
I never imagined during these years
all the things I would learn from him about myself.

Hope you are having a great week so far.
I'll be sharing a few items I managed to find
when I went out thrifting the day before the storm
Until then - 
stay warm wherever you are!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday Funny...on Saturday!

Howdy everyone!

I spent a good part of yesterday and will be today
prepping for a good ol' fashioned
East Coast Nor'Easter...
(update that - now they are calling it a Frankenstorm!)
the power of a Hurricane with effects like a Nor'Easter and snow on one side!
I saved the Friday Funny for
gosh knows we need something to lighten the mood!

A bit of Mommy Humor....

Hope you have a good weekend
keep the East Coast in your Prayers!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall in Love with Buttons - my swap....

Today I'm sharing
the tin that I made for my
swap partner DeeDee...
 I basically used Mod Podge for everything...
I tried to get some Fall like colors with the oranges, brown and green.
 I decided to distress the bottom to give it some age...
this was a 3 part process...
 I lined the inside with
this alphabet fabric from
filled it with as many buttons as I could fit!
 I decided to throw in some extras because I know
only other crafters can really appreciate these types of things..
A spool decoupaged, some brass charms and a ribbon necklace,
and I made the ring with the vintage red-glass button in the center.
I also gave her a few other Fall/Winter themed goodies...
and packed them all up
like so
I had so much fun wrapping it all
and trying to make it feel special for her.
I was glad to know that she received
it after going through a rough week
and it was a bit of a bright spot for her.

Now that the fall swap is over...
onwards towards the Christmas Swap!
Peek in at
to get info on the new swap and to see some of the other
tins that were created!
Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall In Love with Button Swap!

I participated for the
2nd year 
in the
Fall In Love With Buttons Swap

Today I'm going to show you
 the lovely little tin
 I received from
 Dee Dee

 Isn't it just adorable?
These tins are so wonderful for storage of all types!
The buttons are just such a  fun bunch of
treasures to sift through...
These were my favorites...
The light does not do the colors justice!
The big one is a bronze sort of color with a greenish patina...
I'm thinking of using it in a necklace because it
just has that lovely time-worn look.
The green one looks like Bakelite?
and the blue one with the starburst is pearly.

I love doing these swaps.
I'll share the one I sent to Dee Dee next.

Thanks again to my partner for such a 
wonderful swap!

Head on over to Button Floozies
to see some of the other swaps!

Happy Tuesday all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thriftshare Moday - Halloween style!

Happy Thriftshare everyone!

I have been trying to save some money for a 
trip we are going on.
(for me)
that has also involved trying to not shop!

I decided to take some ideas I had seen on Pinterest
and then use things I already have in order to decorate a bit for Halloween this year.
The  focus of the decor
are these thrifted vintage paper Halloween cutouts.
I got them 2 years ago at our neighborhood yardsale.
They were marked .10 cents each!
I could NOT believe it!
The family hosting it was raising money for
cancer research so I gave them $2.00 instead.
 They have a little bit of tape still on them
and a few creases but are in pretty good shape.
I remember having this set when I was a kid.
I even think we had a black cat too.
We made the spiders from pipe cleaners and I just wrapped our candles in ribbon
I already had.
I didn't want to put anymore tape on them to hang them
and actually like the mantel display much better!

 The jar on the end has our black Beta fish in it!
 We made the wreath with a section
of a swimming pool noodle
(that idea I saw on Pinterest)
we taped it and wrapped it in ribbon and then I pinned on 
the leaves.
I got them at our dollar store last year.
The witch still had a little twist tie on her hat so I attached her to the door
with that over the wreath.
So total cost for Halloween decorations this year was $0...
I put to good use the items I have collected
and some things I never would have thought of.
It is so tempting to go out and buy
all the cool,shiny, new sparkly stuff in the stores.
After we did this I was so glad I didn't do that!
Yardsales are some of the best ways to find vintage items
in my opinion.
As they say
"One mans trash is another mans treasure!"
This was definitely one of those times for me when I found these cutouts!
head on over to
and see what everyone else found!

Happy Monday!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Happy Thriftshare everyone!
I found these little cupcake toppers a few weeks back
and have been saving them to show once it was October.
You know we all feel like the Holidays are rushed upon us in the stores?!
I had to buy them because 
my mom used a set just like this when I was a kid.
I only paid $1.00 
for all of them.
I thought that the little Keeper and I will use them for our
Halloween gathering before Tricks or treats!
I have been trying to stay out of the stores because
we are going to Chicago next month
and I want the extra money to spend there!

Little keeper is doing better finally!
Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed I don't end up with what he had!
 In the next few days I will share our bit of decorating we did to our mantel
with some thrifted finds from years past... 

Head on over to
to see what other goodies were found this weekend!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Funny....

Time for some much needed
Friday Funny

'been nursing a sick Little Keeper ALL week....

Hope You all have a great Friday!

I'll be back on track in a day or so
after the little guy feels himself again!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is it really true?

It is a bit dreary outside today...
I think
Indian Summer here is over now.
It really feels like Fall today...
Finally feeling like pulling out the Halloween
 letting the Little Keeper help me do some decorating.

The Witch above 
is a piece of plasterware
I found in a Goodwill in West Virginia 
while we were visiting a few years ago.
I got it for .25 cents and it has become one of my favorites
to display for Halloween on our mantel.

 we are going to fire up the coffee pot ,
 get out the craft paper and glue ,
and just have fun today!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!