Saturday, July 30, 2011

Been Pickin' lately?

When it is 100+ degrees
every day for weeks at a time.
The early bird gets
to pick,
croaking from heat exhaustion!

No fancy basket,
Froofed up version for Country Living.

Dirt still on them
right from the vine!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend!
(only maybe not as hot as ours!)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Job!

On our first trip to the OBX this summer
we ended up having to buy
the obligatory Hermit Crab
for Little Keeper.
His classroom had one and he was obsessed with it from day one...
So as soon as he saw one in the beach shop
He had to have one.
I remember having one as a kid and loved it.
He had a natural shell and lived in a glass fish bowl.
We buried "Hermie" in the back yard under our oak tree
when he passed.
Hermit Crabs now have much more stylish
homes and accessories.
Custom painted shells with bling,
neon swimming pools.
Everything a crab could want right?
I have decided to give up my day job
and become a custom crab painter...
Or I can decorate your crabs little apartment.
Check out this stylishly painted shell and the awesome
little playhouse I found at the thrift store while I was at the beach
for.50 cents!
So what do you think?
New Day job?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Totally Beachin' Thriftshare....

All of my finds for this weekend
were from a short trip down to the OBX
this past weekend.
I always love trying to get in a quick stop or two
because different stores than my usual ones are so much fun.
These are the best looking on the outside too
something about the beach makes people have to be a bit more creative
to get peoples attention...
Can't help but love Hotline Pink,
all proceeds go to a group that provides services for abused women.

Found 8 of these tiny flocked birds for .10 cents each!
Also found 3 of these small aluminum molds for again .10 cents each!
Bad thing is they wrote the price on them in red marker
and I'll have to use Brillo to get it off
and I hate to take off the patina (ha)
If you have any better suggestions let me know!
I'm actually thinking of using them to store things in upside down
like my mini letter stamps, pins,etc.
Trip #1 total $1.10
Not bad if I do say so myself!

Hotline too!
Thrift Store
Love the fish and beach scenes painted all over the outside...
Nice bag of old spools of thread
for $2.00
Children's Golden Book
I really have learned to love the illustrations in a lot of these books
I had a couple as a kid
and started picking them up for my son
before he was even born
and now like to use them for inspiration and in some of my projects
this page especially because
it talks about the "grown ups"
talking on the porch in the evening and the
"kids" playing in the yard
When I was a kid and we would go to my great grandmothers
this was the evening ritual.
Catching fireflies
dessert while rocking
or sitting in the glider till it got too dark to see.
This little book brought back some memories.
Great find for .50 cents!
Total for trip #2
Head on over to
to see what other Booty was found
(excuse the Pirate jargon... it's hard to stop after you've been
in Blackbeards hangout for the weekend!)
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photographic genius?

Funny how you stumble
upon things your children have done
without you knowing....
Little Keeper used
to have a thing for raisins
I find them hidden in all kinds of places all over the house...
In shoes,
On the staircase,
In the bathroom.
You get the picture.
I thought it was actually funny,
Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs...
if we wanted to know where LK went,
all you had to do was follow the raisins...
I hand him my IPOD on occasion
so he can play a game when he gets impatient
in a restaurant or in the car...
this is the randomness I find

Nice Shark Shoes...
I have to laugh
he sees me taking photographs all the time...
So naturally he wants to copy?
The randomness of the photos is what is so funny.
These were a TINY sampling of what he filled my
Hipstamatic account with
I had to delete about 40
photos of what appeared to be
pant legs
and stuff that looked like Supernovas?
Just a "trail" of where LK has been.....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Etsy Spotlight....BeatUpCreations

I have not done an Etsy Spotlight in a while
mainly because I haven't even had the time to browse lately...
Some how in the few minutes I had today
I stumbled upon
interesting store
O.K. it is total Kitsch in a weird way
but fun
and made me laugh..
Fun and very creative....
This next one is what originally caught my eye...
"Deer ol' Chunk"
I love the Goonies...
and baby Keepers version of the PeePee dance
looks like the "Truffle Shuffle"
we laugh on a daily basis about this....
and then
I saw this one....

and to top it all off...

Someone is definitely getting one of these for Christmas!
Wouldn't it just be great to have all of
your serious collectible vintage dishes and then
have one of these randomly mixed in?
Cant you just see peoples reactions?
Great conversation pieces!
Take a look at the other weird portraits and sculptures for fun!
Happy Thursday Everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothin' like it.........

Sittin' on the front porch.
Watching the sun go down.
Smelling the summer breeze.
Kids running through the yard.
Cooling grass under your feet.
Fireflies in a jar.
Catching up on how the day went.

Evenings in the summer
create some of the best memories.

Friday, July 15, 2011


My baby Keeper
crawled in to the bed with me this morning at 2 a.m.
proceeded to flop like a flounder for two hours
before he was
taken screaming back to his room where
his father slept beside him on the floor for a half hour before making it back to our bed...
By now of course....
I am wide awake.
The hamster in my brain has started to run his little treadmill,
So I just decided to get up...
work on my
Studio Space?
(which is really just the corner of a tiny bedroom)
Sit here contemplating
a sort of midlife crisis
like I have been for weeks now?
Much better way to exhaust myself I think!
Have you ever hit the point where you
feel you just have to stand up for
what you know is right?
Even if it may not have a "prudent" or "responsible" outcome
in others eyes?
Because it would just give you the pleasure of knowing you did something
to make yourself truly Happy for a change?
I've always been told if you don't try you will regret it
that experience ,
even if in failure is better than having never tried.
I feel like I need to get
ME and MY Family
in a good place mentally and somewhat physically.
Stop being a slave to people who really don't
care about you other than you make their life easier.
A house and storage space full of THINGS
that don't make us happy.
If I had the time I could dump
it all.

When I'm not working
I tend to lose weight - a lot-
does that tell me I'm an emotional eater or what?
Could I try that venture to make money from what really makes me happy?
Live off some savings and sales from the online business?
I can very easily do temporary work if need be...
Then I feel a pang of guilt because I
think of folks who have sooo much less 
and would love to have my "problems"
But should I discount my feelings and stay miserable and sleepless because of it?
Just keeping it real with everyone.
I'm my usual bounce back self
but I want to be the 
version of me that I know I can be....
Ever have one of these nights?

I'm sorry for the ramble but I  needed it.....


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Shiny Happy.....

I was so excited to find
this AMAZINGLY beautiful
photography blog today
that I just had to share it....
Lots of different sections to it
The moving
is what took  me there...
I want to be this woman....
You must go visit if you love
Something for everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thriftshare Monday...........

Thriftshare for last week
didn't happen 
so I've got 2 weeks to catch up on....
I'll share my beach finds next week since my camera card
has grown legs and walked off.....
hopefully I'll find it!

I found all these at a yardsale
for $1
(there are more than pictured)
plastic in my favorite green
maybe Bakelite?
I can't decide if they were bracelets or
napkin rings...
I've put them out as napkin rings....
either way I love them...super unique on my table!

Tiny vase with Jane Austen looking girl
$1.29 at CHKD ....
Beatrix Potter Squirrel Nutkin
by Royal Doulton
 I couldn't resist...
maybe it'll be a gift
it was such a steal too...
(sorry about the yucky Instagram shot)

Head on over to
and see what else was snatched up this weekend!
Happy Monday!

Otherwise this particular weekend was a bit dry for the thrifting
Hot, Humid, and terrible thunder and lightening storms!
How is your Summer thrifting going?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Snacky Snack....On the healthy side!

Who doesn't want to be healthy?
Dumb question of course.
I do however notice a lot of times
it is hard for folks to know what is REALLY good for them in
a grocery store.
I just wanted to share one of my favorite
meals or afternoon pick me ups
 that is  full of protein and is filling.
Plus there was just such a lovely light this
morning shining on my breakfast....
Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup granola
Handful of almonds
2 or three strawberries

Greek yogurt has become very popular lately
which in some ways is good...
I used to only be able to find large tubs
which I could never eat fast enough.
Now the single size is wonderful.
Make sure you don''t get ones with
lots of mix ins full of sugar!
This one has honey and I barely even use half of it
because it sweetens so well.
Greek yogurt has as much protein if not more than most cuts of meat
and is much more healthy.
Almonds and granola add that extra crunch, fiber, and healthy oil.
I love strawberries
but what ever we have as far as fruit goes will do.
Try some and let me know what you think.
Sometimes I even eat this as dinner!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best Breakfast at the Beach...(in my opinion)

I have been vacationing in the
Outer Banks since I was born.
I think only one year passed when I did not get to go!
We usually go at least two or three times a year.
Over the years you see a lot of businesses and restaurants
come and go.
Making most of your profit in a 6 month period and staying
successful season to season is not an easy task.
I have had many a favorite place only to return next season and find they have closed.
Some last a few years and others only one.
These next two businesses have flourished in the last few years
and have been able to expand...
All the better
they serve my two FAVORITE things...
Donuts and coffee!

Friendly - not fake!
Building a sense of community through coffee
I like to think.

I could drink one of these Iced Dreaminess in a cup every morning...
Marie is the best!

                                                                         Duck Donuts
As a connoisseur of those little fried bits of heaven called
(yes I have a problem)
Duck Donuts is amazing...
This is the little fryer that makes
the goodies...
Every morning during "In-Season" especially...
the place is so packed your donuts
usually go directly from the fryer into your box
just so they can keep up
the best part about that is they are still warm...
A beach sunrise across the box
makes them taste even better I think...
They make all their own glazes.
They have toppings too,
but we went topless this particular morning...
Notice the change of lighting?
Unfortunately one disappeared somewhere between the shop
and the cottage....
Yummy Goodness
according to the 3 year olds....
So next time you are in the OBX
stop in to one of these two great shops!
Hopefully I didn't make you really hungry...
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

                                       Just wanted to share some photos of our annual
                                                              4th of July parade....

                                                      Hope you all have a fun day!

Our Village is 93 years old this year,
that is the homes that were built here are 93 years old

Our parade is small but sweet,
bigger some years than others.

Anyone can join in .
Make your own floats,
ride your bike,
bring your classic car.

If you have talent bring that too.
There is usually some sort of candy scrambling involved....

You can even walk your dog in the Patriotic pet section!

The city usually rolls out our two antique fire trucks that
are originals from our very own station across the street...

I don't think the Coca Cola cooler was a standard issue....

The mayor even comes to walk with us
which is nice considering how large
our city is
that he can come and celebrate with
such a small community.
Thanks to the Fireman, Police, National Guard units,
and even the postman who walk with us!

Unfortunately the smoke from the nearby wildfires
cut our parade visit short today,
my wimpy allergies and the ones I seemed to have passed on
to junior Keeper
couldn't take it.
So we'll get creative and do some indoor celebrating!

Happy Fourth to you all!
What are you doing today?
Any traditions?