Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Job!

On our first trip to the OBX this summer
we ended up having to buy
the obligatory Hermit Crab
for Little Keeper.
His classroom had one and he was obsessed with it from day one...
So as soon as he saw one in the beach shop
He had to have one.
I remember having one as a kid and loved it.
He had a natural shell and lived in a glass fish bowl.
We buried "Hermie" in the back yard under our oak tree
when he passed.
Hermit Crabs now have much more stylish
homes and accessories.
Custom painted shells with bling,
neon swimming pools.
Everything a crab could want right?
I have decided to give up my day job
and become a custom crab painter...
Or I can decorate your crabs little apartment.
Check out this stylishly painted shell and the awesome
little playhouse I found at the thrift store while I was at the beach
for.50 cents!
So what do you think?
New Day job?

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