Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm off.....

I am finally off
on my Italy adventure...
Headed out with this lovely lady
on the left....
Lara Blair 

Somehow we managed
to book the exact same flight...
When she told me yesterday
what she was wearing so I'd find her...
lets just say other than maybe the jacket I was
going to pretty much wear the same thing.
Definitely changed so I won't
come across all stalker 
We'll be meeting Elida
( right)
in Rome..

Is it wrong to have absolutely
no problem letting my husband be a single dad for 
a week?
Bags are packed..
Made a new travel Journal..
downloading a last few songs 
to my IPOD...
I won't be posting much this week
 if anything,
I may cram in a few quick
Hope you have a lovely week...
and I'll fill you all in when I return!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Travel Photography....

In a few days
I am leaving to fulfill one of my life long
to go to
Via Pinterest
Leaving everyone at home and going with a group of
amazing people.
There will be painting,sketching,and photography involved which made this particular trip
the time I finally said
I am going no matter what!

 Which is why this post is a bit about photography.
One of my fellow travelers does none of the above!
The great thing is she has an I-Phone.
I assured her yesterday she will still come home with amazing pictures
to be proud of even without a DSLR.
The reason being all the amazing Photography Apps
out there.
I currently have 18 video and photography apps.
A few I just downloaded to try on the trip.
Here is a list of some of my favorites
Tilt Shift generator
Vintage Cam
Retro Camera

Some of the video favs are
Gif Shop 

I use Frame Magic frequently for my Insta Friday posts

Some new ones I plan on trying are 
Magic Hour

another fun one just to see the effects and more of a piece of art

I think it will be fun
to see how one person photographs the whole trip w/ only her

Do you have any favorite photography Apps?

I'd love for you to share them and your experiences with them.
Happy Wednesday to all!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOW...Insecurity and Judgements..lets talk about it...

This is going to be a bit of
a lengthy post...
I have had the thoughts for a while now
and finally want to discuss...
If you are a reader and/or fellow blogger
I love that you take the time to peek into my world
and hope that you get some sort of enjoyment from what I 

I think I have decided the main reason people choose to blog
or use Social media is to share
and hopefully connect with others who they may have things in common with.
People they may have never come in contact with otherwise.
I always felt a bit alone in some of my
When I started my blog it was to help boost my creativity
for myself,
 to learn more about all the technical stuff I had been avoiding
as photography has evolved into the digital age,
and of course to share.
Someone told me I needed to start
making art for myself and not what I thought other people
would like or would be happy with.

After a year and a half of blogging
I also realized I was doing that with my LIFE.
Trying to please others.

I  have 2 Tumblr blogs and a Pinterest account.
I am still new to my Tumblr pages..
Pinterest I have had I think since it pretty much began.
The point of Pinterest is to have a place to organize your personal favorites
from the web.
If you happen to like others you can follow them.
If you go to the MAIN page
you can see everything posted in the time you are there or what has been popular during the day.
if Pinterest is about personal likes.
Why is it people like to leave judgemental comments?
If they don't like something it was not posted for THEM?

is a sort of blog format 
that can be totally original
or you can re-post others images
and posts if you like.
I like to think of my spaces there as a mix of my original
and re-blogs.
If I re-blog I found that image or quote inspiring or beautiful.
I use them for inspiration for myself
and if another person likes them I am glad to have shared.

back to pleasing others...
I notice a lot of people on FB, Pinterest, and Tumblr
consumed with gaining followers.
 Tumblr is where I notice it the most.
I have seen bullying on Tumblr and it disturbed me.
I have seen some real talent and beauty.
I have also seen a lot of insecurity.
It especially comes from the teenagers who use it.
I have been there so I can empathize.
I guess I would just like to say to
all ages
because I know some adults who have not figured it out yet...
YOU need to create and live to make YOURSELF happy.
If you can only count on one hand the number of people
who really GET you and love you.
If you only have ONE... 
that makes you no less valid ,important, special than someone who has 20,000 likes or friends.
In the end it is about
quality of those relationships
especially the one you have with your inner self.
Once you have peace and security with that inner self
none of the rest matter.
I challenge others to use their blog, Tumblr,
FB, Pinterest, whatever.
Just for THEMSELVES...
then of course if others
find you kindred that is a wonderful feeling.
These two images are of quotes I think people can really live by...

(both are part of my Tumblr'
account which I purposefully did not link today ;)

I feel better at having shared these thoughts.
If you'd like to comment I'd love to hear your thoughts on either
the message or your experiences with
any of the SocialMedia sites I mentioned.
Happy Day to all....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Insta Friday...

Insta Friday
what a whirlwind.
Walking home...
Yard Berries..
Walnut Tart...Yummmy Nummy...
Why can't I ride in the mail truck?
Room with a view...
(finally got my reading corner cleaned out...)
The quilt Nana made you...
another year older...
waiting for the bus...
wishes with flowers...
What the hay?
This goat tickles...
wishing on a dime...

This week I used only one filter for my Insta photos..
The Vintage Cam app and the Magnetic effect filter...

Hope you have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little late...

So I'm a little late on my 
this week...
I purchased her a while back,
and you really can't call what I paid for this
I won her on E-Bay...
I just had to have her...
Lets just say someone and I got into a bidding war down to the last second...
I think she can sit on top of a powder box?
The skirt reminded me of some beautiful
silky powder puffs that belonged to my grandmother.
I'll have to dig them out of their safe hiding place to share with you.
This gal was in such good condition, but had that bit of vintage flair.
Took the photo w/ Instagram sorry about the lighting.
Check out some of the other great finds at
 Happy Thursday all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's My Day...

Me Party

No big amazing plans for my birthday
just me and the kiddo
I have a million things I'd like to do
but honestly
here is a list of  all the things running through my brain
that I think
may actually be achievable
that I enjoy
and are no -stress
 1- make a cake together
2-go out for frozen yogurt
3- paint on the sidewalk
4-take a nap
5- decide what to treat myself to as a gift to ME
6- watch any and all Jane Austen themed movies I have
after kiddo goes to bed 
and eat any leftover easter peanut butter related items guilt free...

Happy Birthday to you,
 P.S. That icing on those cinnamon rolls was also in the guilt free category....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Insta Saturday..oops...

so I admit it
I am a procrastinator..
however some of my finest work
comes out of that type of pressure....
I spent yesterday doing my own taxes for the first time..
Let's just say I was up until after midnight
and there was no party involved.
Now that it is over I'm kind of proud of myself.

I can also finally post
my normal 
(Insta Friday)

Trip to Busch Gardens
New girlfriend Rapunzel
(he REALLY likes her)

Easter Egg Hunt
Frisbee catch
Grandma's Wisteria
Who was Nicky?
Morning goodness...
Afternoon munchies...
I don't want to go back to school..
Mommy gets to take some walks  by herself in the morning....

Some times I wish my Insta prints had more of a 
coordinated layout like so many I see...
but that is not the way my true week works.
If I spent all week trying to coordinate shots
I don't feel it would be true to the point of the randomness
of our daily life.
Hope you had a great week!

I am so proud of my boy for going to the salon 
and getting a big boy haircut finally!
Lets just say previous attempts had me swearing to never take him
again until he was 10!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Short ramblings.....

Two posts today
first I just wanted to
ramble/rant a bit...
I love reading blogs.
I find them inspiring for my creative mind
also just on a human level it is great to relate to others.

I know people change.
I'm changing myself.
I guess I have just gotten bored with a few
blogs that I used to find tremendously inspiring.
They used to write about their daily struggles, happiness, families and creative endeavors,
sharing their artwork,photography,etc.

Some of them are going more into the business end of things
for themselves.
I don't mind the sidebar ads, etc.
when the whole blog shifts from 
why people liked you in the first place
pretty much only
trying to sell you and your friends classes
daily blog posts as to what is on sale in your store.
I hate that we have lost YOU.
I know your creative wares represent you ...
every platform you have does not have to be about selling them.
Pinterest, your blog, your Tumblr, your Etsy store, your separate website. 
Some of the reason people were drawn to you in the first place
was your sharing of yourself.
I'm just saying...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Schmursday....

A little bit of retro fun...
I loved this as a kid...
I showed it to my son today
and he thought it was hilarious!
Happy Thursday all...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celebrated Creativity.....

A friend of mine sent me a link
to this amazing video
"Caine's Arcade"

This young boy built his own arcade
for fun.
He is about to get the surprise of his life...
Creative people come in all sizes..
You must take a peek
it will bring a tear to your eye and make you smile...
Happy Wednesday all!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thriftshare Monday....

Time for a little Thriftshare!

Last week was Spring break for us
 the whole week was pretty much outings and visitors!

I thought I'd share a few things I had
not gotten to share that I found back in
the end of March.

 These are two sets of floral
gift wrapping paper from the 50's?
They had never been opened
and include two or three small gift cards, and Dennison stickers!
I couldn't resist because they were in such excellent condition with everything included.
Definitely will be part of future ephemera projects!
I paid $4 for the set which is not necc. thrift
but a fair price I think.
 This ledger book is dated 1897
It has some wonderful illustrations, some ledger entries, and some blank pages.
I love old handwriting.
 You can tell when pen and dip ink were used...
The ledger was $3
Another to add to the ephemera pile...
 This little card included these 6 "japanese umbrellas"
They are plastic
I'm guessing for cakes and cupcakes.
They were so adorable I couldn't believe no one had scooped them up yet
when I got to them for $1!
This check is dated 1917.
it was only .25 cents
I purchased it because the bank of Mill Creek WVA
is in the tiny town my husbands parents are from!
What a neat find!
  I purchased a TON of antique postcards!
They were only .25 cents each!
I think I bought $11 or $14 dollars worth.
I lost count...
I have never seen them for .25 cents
always $1 each or more
especially ones this beautiful.
I definitely plan on using them in some journals and mixed media projects.
The one center bottom has a tiny envelope on the front.
Wonder what it was for?
I'll share some more of them soon.
This little celluloid baby was $2
I can't stay away from what I call the dimestore toys...
they used to be cheap and seem to rarely survive.
Even though I am probably the last generation that even knows
what dimestores were,
I loved all the tiny stuff I could get there.
I always had something in my little purse.
Do  you have any dimestore memories?
What were yours called?
We had Woolworths
and a few others I know I have forgotten.
I'd love for you to share some of those with me.
Leave me a comment..
Head on over to Apron Thrift Girl 
and see all the other fabulous finds!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Insta Friday...Spring Break

Insta Friday
Spring Break 
A lot of randomness for Spring Break
lots of time with the kiddo...
Walks and buildings around the neighborhood..
Lunch out at Five Guys...
Favorite Dinosaur..
Impression of a Bear grin?
Trip to the Living Museum with
Uncle Mike and Ayden..
Spring is in bloom...
Unpacked some of my vintage dishware..
Honeypot back in the kitchen..
Oh what a beautiful morning..
 trip to Sweet Frogs for frozen do it yourself yogurt..
Yummy new flavor is Watermelon!

Hope you are having a great week!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Engagement photos..Traditional or modern?

I shared back at Christmas that
my little Sis got engaged...
They had their engagement photos taken last month 
and they are finally here to view.
I think they are absolutely fabulous!
This is only a sampling of the few hundred the photographer took.
Her name is 
and she is in  the Chicago area. 
If you click on her name the link takes you to her Facebook page
and she has many more
amazing photos to view.
 First stop
Wrigley Field 
they are HUGE cubs fans.
J's dream is to visit all of the major ballparks in America..
 Cute Banner idea I found on Pinterest...
 Rooftop garden
with Chicago skyline...
 Amazing atmosphere and design...
 Strolling in the city...
I love how Rachel offers a variety of filters for color
and is willing to take time to try several spots
that are not only just beautiful backdrops
but have special meaning to the couples she works with.
As a creative person and photographer
I love the new direction this type of portraiture has taken on.
What do you think?
Do you prefer the traditional "posed" head shots for events like this?
Or do you think something like this represents the spirit of the couple more?
Leave me a comment.
I'm very curious about other peoples thoughts on this topic.
Definitely go check out Rachel's page and if you are in the Chicago area
and want to have some beautiful portraits made
she is the go to girl!
Happy Thursday to all!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tasha and Spring...

One of my favorite things
about Spring
is all the
things that start to bloom and grow...
Looking at my daffodils finish up
this week
I got the longing to go and take out
some of my Tasha Tudor collection.
Springtime you ask and Tasha?
She had amazing gardens which books have been written about...
 (image from google)
Here she is with one of her beloved Corgi's
 She illustrated the Secret Garden
a good read even for an adult ...
( image from google)
I love this photo of her while she is painting.
This is an amazing cookbook of her family recipes and a few from friends .
I also got the longing for the blueberry cake recipe
in the book.
It was something I used to make often
and everyone always LOVED it!
There are so many fascinating things about Tasha and the life she led.
I gained so much inspiration from her over the years.
I just thought I'd introduce her today
and I think I'm going to start a Tasha Tuesday series
because I have so many things to share and say about her.
As creators of crafts , artwork, foods,
Do you have anyone in particular that inspires you?
I'd love for you to share with me in the comments!
Happy Wednesday to all!