Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOW...Insecurity and Judgements..lets talk about it...

This is going to be a bit of
a lengthy post...
I have had the thoughts for a while now
and finally want to discuss...
If you are a reader and/or fellow blogger
I love that you take the time to peek into my world
and hope that you get some sort of enjoyment from what I 

I think I have decided the main reason people choose to blog
or use Social media is to share
and hopefully connect with others who they may have things in common with.
People they may have never come in contact with otherwise.
I always felt a bit alone in some of my
When I started my blog it was to help boost my creativity
for myself,
 to learn more about all the technical stuff I had been avoiding
as photography has evolved into the digital age,
and of course to share.
Someone told me I needed to start
making art for myself and not what I thought other people
would like or would be happy with.

After a year and a half of blogging
I also realized I was doing that with my LIFE.
Trying to please others.

I  have 2 Tumblr blogs and a Pinterest account.
I am still new to my Tumblr pages..
Pinterest I have had I think since it pretty much began.
The point of Pinterest is to have a place to organize your personal favorites
from the web.
If you happen to like others you can follow them.
If you go to the MAIN page
you can see everything posted in the time you are there or what has been popular during the day.
if Pinterest is about personal likes.
Why is it people like to leave judgemental comments?
If they don't like something it was not posted for THEM?

is a sort of blog format 
that can be totally original
or you can re-post others images
and posts if you like.
I like to think of my spaces there as a mix of my original
and re-blogs.
If I re-blog I found that image or quote inspiring or beautiful.
I use them for inspiration for myself
and if another person likes them I am glad to have shared.

back to pleasing others...
I notice a lot of people on FB, Pinterest, and Tumblr
consumed with gaining followers.
 Tumblr is where I notice it the most.
I have seen bullying on Tumblr and it disturbed me.
I have seen some real talent and beauty.
I have also seen a lot of insecurity.
It especially comes from the teenagers who use it.
I have been there so I can empathize.
I guess I would just like to say to
all ages
because I know some adults who have not figured it out yet...
YOU need to create and live to make YOURSELF happy.
If you can only count on one hand the number of people
who really GET you and love you.
If you only have ONE... 
that makes you no less valid ,important, special than someone who has 20,000 likes or friends.
In the end it is about
quality of those relationships
especially the one you have with your inner self.
Once you have peace and security with that inner self
none of the rest matter.
I challenge others to use their blog, Tumblr,
FB, Pinterest, whatever.
Just for THEMSELVES...
then of course if others
find you kindred that is a wonderful feeling.
These two images are of quotes I think people can really live by...

(both are part of my Tumblr'
account which I purposefully did not link today ;)

I feel better at having shared these thoughts.
If you'd like to comment I'd love to hear your thoughts on either
the message or your experiences with
any of the SocialMedia sites I mentioned.
Happy Day to all....

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  1. Sigh. I don't use Tumblr yet, but I have to say about Facebook and Pinterest, and I don't say this to sound like I'm patting myself on the back, but -- I couldn't care less how few/many friends/followers I have in those places. I *regularly* delete FB friends because they don't post. I refuse to be on there everyday putting out info and photos and comments, and get zero in return from my 'friends'. I get complaints ("Why did you unfriend me?") and people get offended but I just tell them, you never post/interact. They say, "But I always enjoy keeping up with what you're doing, even though I never (bother) posting myself". Well guess what? It's not a one-way street! I realize most people don't care because they just want a high friend count. I however do care. And as for negativity, I have put up on my FB wall these words: you are welcome to disagree with me, but you are not welcome to disagree with me on MY FACEBOOK WALL. There is no room for negativity in my space. If people dislike something they see on my wall, they can "hide" the post or they can unfriend me -- whatever. Negative comments will be deleted. It's MY WALL. Write whatever you want to write about on YOUR OWN WALL. As for Pinterest -- that is also my happy place. I personally haven't seen negative stuff there but if I did, I would ignore it or delete it. Life is too short!
    I do, however, have a bit of an issue with all the 'brave girl' stuff about kindness, etc. I've seen a lot of it lately. I completely agree that we all need to be kind to one another, and not behave badly. BUT...I am pushing 50 and I cannot believe the negative behavior aimed at me by 'friends', and sometimes online...and I will. not. have. it. There is a time to be kind. And there is a time to call a spade a spade. If you know me, you know that I am a completely honest person. If I am pushed, I will firmly push back. (Is this bad behavior? I'm not sure. I'm not sure it's any worse than being a pushover.) That's my 2 cents!