Thursday, April 5, 2012

Engagement photos..Traditional or modern?

I shared back at Christmas that
my little Sis got engaged...
They had their engagement photos taken last month 
and they are finally here to view.
I think they are absolutely fabulous!
This is only a sampling of the few hundred the photographer took.
Her name is 
and she is in  the Chicago area. 
If you click on her name the link takes you to her Facebook page
and she has many more
amazing photos to view.
 First stop
Wrigley Field 
they are HUGE cubs fans.
J's dream is to visit all of the major ballparks in America..
 Cute Banner idea I found on Pinterest...
 Rooftop garden
with Chicago skyline...
 Amazing atmosphere and design...
 Strolling in the city...
I love how Rachel offers a variety of filters for color
and is willing to take time to try several spots
that are not only just beautiful backdrops
but have special meaning to the couples she works with.
As a creative person and photographer
I love the new direction this type of portraiture has taken on.
What do you think?
Do you prefer the traditional "posed" head shots for events like this?
Or do you think something like this represents the spirit of the couple more?
Leave me a comment.
I'm very curious about other peoples thoughts on this topic.
Definitely go check out Rachel's page and if you are in the Chicago area
and want to have some beautiful portraits made
she is the go to girl!
Happy Thursday to all!

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