Monday, April 11, 2011


Feeling a bit crummy today...
Pollen is in full swing here now,
my kryptonite..
Of course I managed to come up with a few finds
before the pollen took me down...
Nifty Vogue sewing patterns for .50 cents a piece
Southern belle figurine $4.00
She was just so sweet I couldn't resist
I may be able to use her in some sort of mixed media and I may just leave her be
Photograph of a lovely lady
came with the original frame I paid more for her than I normally would
but I was just really drawn to her
I like to call these "lost ancestors"

Original printing of a Tasha Tudor Christmas card
I absolutely love Tasha Tudor
I think she was a wonderful illustrator
She inspired me a lot as a child when I didn't really know who she was
and then I rediscovered her as an adult
and I stopped feeling like I had to be this artist
who was either so realistic or so abstract to be good
That I could just be me in my artwork
She was an extremely interesting person as well
I like to think of her as the person Martha Stewart ripped off in some sort of ways
Only Martha could never be as authentic as Tasha
I have been planning a more in depth post with some of
my own illustrations that she inspired
coming soon.
What did you find this weekend?
head on over to
to see what other goodies were saved!

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