Monday, April 4, 2011


Thriftshare Monday....

But before we get to the goodies
Lets celebrate Coach Shaka Smart being the kind of person
we want every mentor and teacher to be.
He turned down 2 million from NC State
to stay with VCU for 8 more years!
Yeah Coach!

Now on to the goodies...
I didn't go out much this weekend
because it was just so darn beautiful
We played hard
worked in the yard
and napped...
But when I did manage to make 2 stops
I found some pretty good stuff!

Found these cute Salt and Pepper shakers
for $2.98
I know they are part of a popular pattern but the name escapes me
If anyone can remember leave me a comment
Found a box full of these cards
5 of each design
Part of a Virginia Tobacco Labels set
I will use them in some collage work and probably for trade
at Art and Soul
Cutie little Button Box
I'm not sure if it should have had a lid?
I may use it to fill with craft supplies
It might even make a cute Easter basket?
$2.90 Something seemed to be the number of the day
and lastly

Liam scored
this crazy dinosaur he absolutely loves
for $.99!
It looks like it was never used.
Just happened we found everything at
two local Children's Hospital Stores.
Head on over to Apron Thrift Girl
and see what everyone else found!
Happy Monday!

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