Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art and Soul....

I wanted to let everyone know
later in the week..
I'm off to
this Thursday
in Hampton, Va
I'm lucky enough to live in the neighboring city
This is my 2nd year attending.
SOOO excited!
Anyone else going to be there?
Let me know and we can meet!
More to come from my classes...
Acrylics - which I have never really seriously tried
Sally Jean Alexander - Soldering a reliquary type box
Cathy Taylor - her unique Citra-Solv / National Geographic class (Google it)
Linda and Opie O'Brien - travelling to imaginary realms
and an Event Journal class.
I've been working late into the night on ATC's and other trades
and trying to decide if I should buy groceries
or use the money at vendor night!
Seriously kidding...
vendor night is like a bunch of crafty crack addicts
in my opinion...
We all have the Junk sweats as some of us call it...
as we are waiting to get in...
All looking for unique finds, supplies, and pouring over ephemera
meeting some of your favourite artists
and looking for new dealers.
I'll get photos and copies of my ATC's on before I give them out
so you can see them.
Can't wait to share what I create...

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