Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yummie memories....Dinglewood Pharmacy....

Every town has one
That "local" place to eat that is one of a kind
Not a national chain
When you leave town you know you won't get
a taste like theirs anywhere else
When I was in college
our place like that
The Dinglewood Pharmacy
The restaurant has been featured in
magazines, blogs, radio shows,
and is a legend among the locals and students
I think that constitutes them as a must stop
 if you happen to be in Columbus ,GA.
or are on a foodie road-trip.

Dinglewood has been serving Columbus since 1918
They still have a traditional  soda / lunch counter
The last one where I grew up was in a Woolworths that is long gone
So the first time my friends took me to Dinglewoods
it brought back memories of going to that old Woolworths with my grandparents
Here it is
The Scrambledog
Chili,sliced hot dog, onions,pickles, mustard, and oyster crackers!
Ohh, how I miss these...
good memories
These photos came way of two other great
visit them
Just don't get too hungry!
Happy Weekend

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