Friday, April 1, 2011

............. Reflection..................
I spent the bulk of my day today re-arranging
and organizing my sons room.
Hard to believe how much he has grown and outgrown things.
How much he has changed .
What he likes and doesn't like now.
In one corner of his room
two boxes have been sitting for some time now.
When I found out I was pregnant my husband went into
overdrive insisting that we needed to move.
We packed a lot of things up in order to make the
house less personal for staging.
We had to abandon the moving idea
when my husband lost his job.
Things happen for a reason
If we had moved first we probably would be in serious trouble now.
Today I decided those two boxes needed to be unpacked.
Inside were various craft and scrapbook items
and all the photographs I had ever taken.
From my middle school years all the way to college graduation.
Letters from relatives and from every boyfriend I'd ever had.
Even a few journals.
I decided now was the time to go through this stuff and decide what
Goes or Stays.
It was tearful,funny,and moving to go through all these memories.
The thoughts I had been having earlier in the day
about my son
were now applied to me.
To see how much I have changed
How much I've grown
Times when I was
deliriously in love
Sends the mind spinning when you do something like this.
Are you where you thought you would be at this point
in your life?
Are you with the person you thought you would be with?
Looking at your parents when they were the age you are now.
Are the people you called friends still around?
Today was a good day.
So my last question to you all is
What do you think about keeping the old love letters?
Do you still have yours?
I've kept mine because these people were an important part of my life
in the aspect that they helped make me who
I am in some ways.
How I want to be treated
How I should treat others
Learned from my mistakes
Made me a stronger individual
instead of someones shadow.
Drop me a comment to let me know how you feel or if you still have
Happy Weekend to you all.

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