Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thankful for those who inspire us....

In light of their recent victory
and inspiration they have given to
underdogs everywhere.
I've again dedicated a post to
the Mens VCU Basketball team.
It has just been so uplifting to see a group of people
who were put down by many
go so far.
There was truly one person who really believed in them,
gave them what they needed to get where they are.

Coach Shaka Smart
He's 33.
A couple of years younger than myself.
mature beyond his years in my opinion.
You know,
kind of like our parents, spouses,mentors,etc.
All we need is that one person to let us know
they really believe in us,
in what we can do,
the talents we have,
where we can go,
what we can achieve.
Coach Shaka lost his grandfather yesterday.
Walter King
He was 91 years old.
He lived to see his grandson take his team to
The Final Four.
His grandfather used to mail him basketball articles
from the Chicago-Tribune and the Sun Times.
Coach said his grandfather
"Taught me humility, appreciation, and how to interact with people."
Coach was raised by a single mother.
He said his grandfather was "there to give him that male
influence and taught him the things only a man can teach you."
He was there for me"
The team knew that Mr.King was ailing
and all he asked was for them to win the USC game.
They came through all the way!
"Now we're trying to win the whole thing for him.
That would be special" said Joey Rodriguez.
Who was the believer in your life?
The person who inspires you?
The person who showed you how to be you?

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