Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrifting as Therapy...

After a hard day Friday...
I headed out for some thrifting therapy on Saturday morning
I don't have pictures of all of my finds but here are a few
The first sale I went to
was an estate sale
It was advertised as a sale with a lot of craft items
so I was very excited
I didn't get there right when it opened because I slept in
so I got there about 9:00
I was surprised at the amount of stuff that was still there
but it was going fast
This person must have been a total craft nut!
All kinds of things from mosaic materials
to lamp fittings, jewelry supplies, lots of Fisher price toys
embroidery supplies, the list goes on.
People were buying whole carts w/ contents included
Personally I didn't want the carts and they were pretty dirty
so I grabbed a box and started filling it with whatever caught my eye
I found this Cool Whip tub full of white and pearl buttons
a box with all of these old keys and this one drawer pull
All of these jewelry materials which I know at Michael's
would have cost me about $45 or so
All these animals were hidden inside a Fisher Price Barn that was in pretty bad shape
I rescued the animals
some are not very old and others I know date to the 60's
I had this particular Little Golden Book as a child
I remembered several of the illustrations I loved then

The X-ray one sticks out in particular to me
aren't they great?
Hoping to use them in a collage project
I found quite a bit more which I haven't photographed yet
3 rolls of wallpaper
2 Toile patterns and one Civil War era print
2 children's chairs for my sons train table
a box of odd pieces of decorative iron and wood pieces
that had all been painted white (very shabby)
and 2 more books
When I went to pay the girl who I was dealing with looked at
everything and said "Um, what about $8?"
I went to another sale afterwards
and found quite a few more great deals.
I will share them next week because I am going back to the
sellers house next weekend for a private
So, thrifting therapy helped quite a bit
and it was one of my best finds of the year.
What did you find this weekend?
Head on over toATG and check out the other scores!
Happy Monday!

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