Sunday, October 12, 2014

Feeling the Fall....

We have been
Busy ,Busy, little  Bees
 at our home lately...
New school for the kiddo,
Cub Scouts for the first time,
Planning a big trip for mommy,
and Art classes!

Finally in the last week though,
We have slowed down a bit and
Fall seems to have finally arrived!
Probably my favorite time of the year!
Wnated to share some images from two great Tumblr blogs

Just makes me feel even more 
Excited about Fall and a few of my Favorite things!

Sitting in our chairs out in the yard....
Getting out the sweaters!

Pulling out some of the transferware in Fall colors...
Get togethers,
Usually with an evening fire or marshmallows involved.
Pumpkin flavored anything!
Warm coffee....
Slowing down...for some reason I read more in the Fall and Winter...
Just having fun outdoors now that it is no longer HUMID!
Just yesterday we got four pounds of beautiful apples!
We eat them every day, but this time of year they taste so much better
and are more plentiful and inexpensive!

Hope you are all having a great October!
What inspires you about Fall?
Until we meet again....