Monday, July 25, 2011

Totally Beachin' Thriftshare....

All of my finds for this weekend
were from a short trip down to the OBX
this past weekend.
I always love trying to get in a quick stop or two
because different stores than my usual ones are so much fun.
These are the best looking on the outside too
something about the beach makes people have to be a bit more creative
to get peoples attention...
Can't help but love Hotline Pink,
all proceeds go to a group that provides services for abused women.

Found 8 of these tiny flocked birds for .10 cents each!
Also found 3 of these small aluminum molds for again .10 cents each!
Bad thing is they wrote the price on them in red marker
and I'll have to use Brillo to get it off
and I hate to take off the patina (ha)
If you have any better suggestions let me know!
I'm actually thinking of using them to store things in upside down
like my mini letter stamps, pins,etc.
Trip #1 total $1.10
Not bad if I do say so myself!

Hotline too!
Thrift Store
Love the fish and beach scenes painted all over the outside...
Nice bag of old spools of thread
for $2.00
Children's Golden Book
I really have learned to love the illustrations in a lot of these books
I had a couple as a kid
and started picking them up for my son
before he was even born
and now like to use them for inspiration and in some of my projects
this page especially because
it talks about the "grown ups"
talking on the porch in the evening and the
"kids" playing in the yard
When I was a kid and we would go to my great grandmothers
this was the evening ritual.
Catching fireflies
dessert while rocking
or sitting in the glider till it got too dark to see.
This little book brought back some memories.
Great find for .50 cents!
Total for trip #2
Head on over to
to see what other Booty was found
(excuse the Pirate jargon... it's hard to stop after you've been
in Blackbeards hangout for the weekend!)
Happy Monday!


  1. I love those tins! You might try using a little rubbing alcohol to remove the marker. (Not saying it won't remove the patina a bit, but it might be a little easier than the brillo pad!)

  2. I was just reading another post about her thrift putting staples into scarves and ruining them. My favorite GW sometimes uses tape to keep pieces together and that habit has ruined a lamp with an old paper label on it, taken the gold off some great old saucers and caused rips on old boxes. I should write a little comment to bring it to their attention.
    I have had great luck with "Goo Gone" getting junk off items, but have never tried it on markers. Good luck, those are great looking molds.

  3. You can also use hand sanitizer to remove marker. Got that tip from a Goodwill worker when I commented on how sad it was they wrote on things with permanent marker.

  4. Thanks for all the great tips. Keep them coming if you have more!