Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best Breakfast at the Beach...(in my opinion)

I have been vacationing in the
Outer Banks since I was born.
I think only one year passed when I did not get to go!
We usually go at least two or three times a year.
Over the years you see a lot of businesses and restaurants
come and go.
Making most of your profit in a 6 month period and staying
successful season to season is not an easy task.
I have had many a favorite place only to return next season and find they have closed.
Some last a few years and others only one.
These next two businesses have flourished in the last few years
and have been able to expand...
All the better
they serve my two FAVORITE things...
Donuts and coffee!

Friendly - not fake!
Building a sense of community through coffee
I like to think.

I could drink one of these Iced Dreaminess in a cup every morning...
Marie is the best!

                                                                         Duck Donuts
As a connoisseur of those little fried bits of heaven called
(yes I have a problem)
Duck Donuts is amazing...
This is the little fryer that makes
the goodies...
Every morning during "In-Season" especially...
the place is so packed your donuts
usually go directly from the fryer into your box
just so they can keep up
the best part about that is they are still warm...
A beach sunrise across the box
makes them taste even better I think...
They make all their own glazes.
They have toppings too,
but we went topless this particular morning...
Notice the change of lighting?
Unfortunately one disappeared somewhere between the shop
and the cottage....
Yummy Goodness
according to the 3 year olds....
So next time you are in the OBX
stop in to one of these two great shops!
Hopefully I didn't make you really hungry...
Happy Wednesday!

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