Thursday, July 21, 2011

Etsy Spotlight....BeatUpCreations

I have not done an Etsy Spotlight in a while
mainly because I haven't even had the time to browse lately...
Some how in the few minutes I had today
I stumbled upon
interesting store
O.K. it is total Kitsch in a weird way
but fun
and made me laugh..
Fun and very creative....
This next one is what originally caught my eye...
"Deer ol' Chunk"
I love the Goonies...
and baby Keepers version of the PeePee dance
looks like the "Truffle Shuffle"
we laugh on a daily basis about this....
and then
I saw this one....

and to top it all off...

Someone is definitely getting one of these for Christmas!
Wouldn't it just be great to have all of
your serious collectible vintage dishes and then
have one of these randomly mixed in?
Cant you just see peoples reactions?
Great conversation pieces!
Take a look at the other weird portraits and sculptures for fun!
Happy Thursday Everyone!

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