Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

                                       Just wanted to share some photos of our annual
                                                              4th of July parade....

                                                      Hope you all have a fun day!

Our Village is 93 years old this year,
that is the homes that were built here are 93 years old

Our parade is small but sweet,
bigger some years than others.

Anyone can join in .
Make your own floats,
ride your bike,
bring your classic car.

If you have talent bring that too.
There is usually some sort of candy scrambling involved....

You can even walk your dog in the Patriotic pet section!

The city usually rolls out our two antique fire trucks that
are originals from our very own station across the street...

I don't think the Coca Cola cooler was a standard issue....

The mayor even comes to walk with us
which is nice considering how large
our city is
that he can come and celebrate with
such a small community.
Thanks to the Fireman, Police, National Guard units,
and even the postman who walk with us!

Unfortunately the smoke from the nearby wildfires
cut our parade visit short today,
my wimpy allergies and the ones I seemed to have passed on
to junior Keeper
couldn't take it.
So we'll get creative and do some indoor celebrating!

Happy Fourth to you all!
What are you doing today?
Any traditions?

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