Monday, September 22, 2014

Now where have you been????

Hello everyone! 
Where the heck have I been right?!
This past year has been a true roller coaster ride for me.
The blog had to suffer. 
We had a few major family crisis
and then I got sick back in April,
REALLY sick.
Totally unexpected and threw me for a loop sick.
I'm doing better, but still have some issues that have to be resolved
in the future.

All that being said,
I finally feel like I am able to spend some time here again on the blog
with all of you!

I'm easing into things,
I won't be necessarily posting daily.

I just thought I'd say today how much I appreciate you all and hope you
return with me!

Here's a few recent pics I've taken...

 We bought a Passion flower this year and have really enjoyed it!

 I took this photo one evening out the window of my hospital room,
it was just so beautiful at a time when I was feeling very down.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer
And I am Greatful to be back!