Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oh November!

   Well it feels like Fall is here to stay!
Finally cool on a regualr basis.
 Summer is so humid here, 
usually I cant wait for Fall!
 Wanted to share the makeup I did for Halloween this year.
I have been working on several Sugar Skulls for friends.

So I decided to wear Day of the Dead makeup for Halloween!
I have some professional makeup from when I worked for a facepainting company
Back in college. For this makeup however I used some kits that I purchased at Michaels Arts and Crafts. Was pretty impressed with how well they worked. Closest to professional out theree for minimal cost in comparison. The Halloween kits that show up in store are usually NOT worth the money, they are horrible and dont spread well at all.
So what do you think? 
 Hope you all had a great Halloween and are cooking up some great projects for Fall! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Feeling the Fall....

We have been
Busy ,Busy, little  Bees
 at our home lately...
New school for the kiddo,
Cub Scouts for the first time,
Planning a big trip for mommy,
and Art classes!

Finally in the last week though,
We have slowed down a bit and
Fall seems to have finally arrived!
Probably my favorite time of the year!
Wnated to share some images from two great Tumblr blogs

Just makes me feel even more 
Excited about Fall and a few of my Favorite things!

Sitting in our chairs out in the yard....
Getting out the sweaters!

Pulling out some of the transferware in Fall colors...
Get togethers,
Usually with an evening fire or marshmallows involved.
Pumpkin flavored anything!
Warm coffee....
Slowing down...for some reason I read more in the Fall and Winter...
Just having fun outdoors now that it is no longer HUMID!
Just yesterday we got four pounds of beautiful apples!
We eat them every day, but this time of year they taste so much better
and are more plentiful and inexpensive!

Hope you are all having a great October!
What inspires you about Fall?
Until we meet again....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Now where have you been????

Hello everyone! 
Where the heck have I been right?!
This past year has been a true roller coaster ride for me.
The blog had to suffer. 
We had a few major family crisis
and then I got sick back in April,
REALLY sick.
Totally unexpected and threw me for a loop sick.
I'm doing better, but still have some issues that have to be resolved
in the future.

All that being said,
I finally feel like I am able to spend some time here again on the blog
with all of you!

I'm easing into things,
I won't be necessarily posting daily.

I just thought I'd say today how much I appreciate you all and hope you
return with me!

Here's a few recent pics I've taken...

 We bought a Passion flower this year and have really enjoyed it!

 I took this photo one evening out the window of my hospital room,
it was just so beautiful at a time when I was feeling very down.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer
And I am Greatful to be back!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have had a lot of fun lately
using an easy  little online photo editor 

I love it because it is so user friendly!

Takes me less than a few minutes a lot of the time
 unless I am really looking for just the right effects.
Here are a two I made just this week 
with sort of a before and after -so you can see the amazing difference!
 This was a photo from last weeks 
artsy gal gathering I attended - we have a Facebook page
and I thought we could use a header for it.
This is what I created for the page
using BeFunky!

 This is is a photo of a band
I was featuring in a music page that I co-administrate.
Kind of blah right?

Well - Viola!
A nice funky version that I think grabs your attention
much better.
I have used it for so much the last few months!
I think it is very easy to use if you are tech. challenged
and just want to work on something a bit faster than photoshop allows time for!
I really wanted to share that little tidbit with you for today!
If you are stuck indoors
and want something to play around with-
head on over to 

Let me know what you think!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quote of the Week!

This is a painting I did a few years ago-
I added a favorite quote yesterday and wanted to share!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SO I thought I was back............

Last time I posted
I was all gung ho to get back in here.
THEN - December fell apart.
Two deaths in the family and an aging grandparent that
needed some outside care...
Very overwhelming month including the holidays.

So I am going to take it day by day for now.
Doing the little things 
that bring me some joy 
as I can 
and not on a time table!
 What does that involve?

Why Coffee of course!
I am still working on editing the 1,300
photos I took of Pearl Jam in Charlotte back in October!
(Isn't Ed adorable?!)
 Trying to keep up with new and old friends.....

I was asked to be admin on a music page....
(I edited the above photos into that logo strip!)
Remembering that laughter is the BEST medicine!
Laughing and having fun with photoshops of some of my gals!
Having fun with this crazy kid and teaching
him about music....
"Blackbird" sung by Eddie Vedder - give it a try
you will be TOTALLY surprised...
and the audience interaction is priceless....

So what have you all been up to?!
Here is to 2014 being an awesome year!
Thanks for being patient with me through this tough time!