Friday, April 29, 2011

Waking up late.....but just in time....

So I woke up late today....
just in time
a glimpse of the happy couple...
Then off to Art and Soul Day 2...
Today was Event Journaling
This was one of my first pages...
I'm going to leave the photos at this
because I'm waaay far from a finished page
it was a lot more time consuming than I realised
So I will show some of the finished pages at a later date...
I thought I'd share some of my ATC's
Been very busy nightly with these

These are just are just a few
of what I have left
need to whip up some more...
Tomorrow is Vendor Night!
Woot Woot!
I should be broke by the end of this weekend...
I'd normally have a hard time getting to sleep
because of the excitement
but my allergies are KILLIN' my mojo...
But what a sweet morning
Prince Wills had such a grin on his face today..
you could really tell he loves his Kate...
So did you wear your tiara today?
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art and Soul Day One.....Tornado warnings and a mess of paint!

Today was the first day at Art and Soul..
Met some great ladies...
Had a lot of fun letting the creativity flow..or swirl..
sort of like the sky outside
 as we sat under a tornado watch pretty much all day....
Basically an Acrylics class for beginners
I have to say
watercolor is my paint of choice.
I decided to step out of my comfort zone
and use up all those tiny sample acrylics I've had in a box for
a hundred years or more and give it a try.
What I was not expecting was to end up loving
a palette knife!
Of course we had to start with a still life...
Here are my first 2 attempts
Fruit snatching from the breakfast bar preceded the class...
since so many folks got stuck in airports due to the CRAZY weather!

Here is the palette knife work in progress..
My first...
Here is the finished product...
Not bad for a first try, eh?
Very fun,
I used to hate "abstract" art
I guess this resembles more of the "Impressionists" movement
and I always used to be baffled at how they achieved what they did
without "details"
Funny how a decade or so can change you...
but I absolutely am in LUUURVE with this now!
The very next thing I purchase is going to be a smaller palette knife!

Here is the portrait "copy" I started..
FAR from done and the photo doesn't do it justice
I'm thinking I should have picked a more abstract one like many of my classmates...
Here are some of the gals
and their works
all photos taken with their permission
My tablemate came all the way from California to create this
again the photo doesn't do it justice..
The apple was so bright the undertones were amazing...
This is unfinished but it was her FIRST time using this medium!
Can't imagine what her works will look like when she gets into her groove!
Another Virgin...
This lovely lady usually works with metals in jewelry making...
This was her first painting class as well.
She is a local too
so the attempt at having a locals group to get together with
should definitely be in the works now...
This cutie pa-tootie has the sweetest little voice...
all the way from N.Y.
this is in progress as well
but she put her "stamp" on what she painted
a sort of softness to what she sees...
Hope to see more of these ladies this week.
So what do you think?
Check out our teacher at
she is featured in the very latest issue of
I meant to photograph all my ATC's before I started giving them out
but OOOps!
I've photographed what I still have
and will post later
Anyone getting up before the chickens to watch
the Royal Youngsters get hitched?
I guess I will while I'm getting myself together for my class...
Happy Thursday!
Bust out your tiara...
Keep Calm and Get your Wedding On!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art and Soul....

I wanted to let everyone know
later in the week..
I'm off to
this Thursday
in Hampton, Va
I'm lucky enough to live in the neighboring city
This is my 2nd year attending.
SOOO excited!
Anyone else going to be there?
Let me know and we can meet!
More to come from my classes...
Acrylics - which I have never really seriously tried
Sally Jean Alexander - Soldering a reliquary type box
Cathy Taylor - her unique Citra-Solv / National Geographic class (Google it)
Linda and Opie O'Brien - travelling to imaginary realms
and an Event Journal class.
I've been working late into the night on ATC's and other trades
and trying to decide if I should buy groceries
or use the money at vendor night!
Seriously kidding...
vendor night is like a bunch of crafty crack addicts
in my opinion...
We all have the Junk sweats as some of us call it...
as we are waiting to get in...
All looking for unique finds, supplies, and pouring over ephemera
meeting some of your favourite artists
and looking for new dealers.
I'll get photos and copies of my ATC's on before I give them out
so you can see them.
Can't wait to share what I create...

Back from the Road....

After a long week of family visiting us
and then Easter weekend in WVA
I'm finally back home.
It was so wonderful to get out of the city...
I thought I'd share a bit of our trip.
First of all let me get my sarcasm out of the way...
Really VDOT of Richmond!
Usually going through Richmond takes maybe 20 minutes...
Can you see right under the 64/95 sign?
(just barely I know)
There are 3 work trucks and a state trooper
This was 12 something on Good Friday
Just as one of the busy holiday weekend and lunch hour folks are getting on the road...
and VDOT decides to patch tiny cracks in the road
they weren't really potholes and I couldn't see why they chose
certain ones and not others
They stopped all lanes of traffic in order to let the crews
jump out
 fill the hole
and then move up to the next one!
We sat for literally over an hour for this barely a mile!
Now for the good stuff
On the way to WVA
McDowell VA
It was drizzly the whole way
but even the  fog is beautiful
What a great view
Spring was springing up!
Early buds which a day later covered the tulip tree...
View of the barn...
Rolling in the dandelions...
These dogwoods reminded me of a LC Tiffany window I've seen...
Love that blue sky...
Cherry Blossoms in Staunton, Va...
little waterfalls everywhere..
On our way back home we made our usual stop at the park
for a break from the long ride
(mainly to let a 3 year old burn off some energy)
Feeding the Koi at Gypsy Hill Park
I have never seen so many in one place and they are HUGE!
Holy Koi!
Overall it was a great trip!
Even though I still live in the city I was born in
I have those country roots in my family..
Now with my husbands family in the mountains
I long for the small town...
letting your child play in a yard where you don't have to worry
about being run over by a car because you can't have a fence
which would throw off the "look" of your neighborhood...
Being able to drive and not sit in traffic
Even though a store is a "trip"
you don't have to wait a half hour in line...
Being able to sit on your front porch and watch a storm roll in
or actually SEE the stars at night
hear the frogs chirp in the rain
have everyone you love drop in for a meal
or to talk and it isn't a big production
Come as you are.
Hope you had a great weekend too!
What do you long for?

Hope you all had a great

Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Bunny.....

Tidbit during a busy week....
Think this bunny had one too many Reese's Eggs?
Happy Friday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Thriftshare.....

This Sunday was my birthday!
Woot Woot!
Finally got that IPOD to use those
awesome photo apps!
Other than birthday awesomeness in general
and a very close call with a tornado...
I did have time to find a few things
at a church sale
and a stop at The Goodwill
fashion was the theme for the weekend...
Found this great traditional Mexican style dress
Lovely hand embroidery
Dilemma however...
Belt or no?
The thing with some of these dresses is they
look like sacks sometimes.
I think it would even look great with jeans...
see the two little birds?
love the little mushrooms...
The bunch of violets is faded and a bit chippy but that's why I like it...
The large cameo is a piece of 1928 mother and child design
The locket is real sterling/marcasite with mother of pearl

Few yards of this cute fabric...
I'm thinking it is from the 70's
for .99  cents!
Would probably make a nice light blanket material...
any ideas?
So what did you find?
Head on over to ATG
to see what other great finds were out there...
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feelin' Birthdaylike.....

Would love a girlie party like this.....
Would love to give these as favors....
Would love to share
Sally Bell's upside down iced cupcake...
you get more icing that way!
Frappucino cupcakes....
(Cupcake overload I know!)
Would love to have a set of these again...
I love tiny things...
Would love for this to show up from my birthday somewhere in the 80's....
Would love to drive this to my party....
and ride the Sanrio Ferris wheel....
on my birthday trip to Sanrio Puroland in Japan....
(I just found out this existed and even as an adult am not ashamed to say I would go!)
and even though all this would be nice...
I would settle for a yard full of these and a tub of buttercream icing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesdays Child......

Last year I took a class from the Queen of the Soldered charm
Forgive me I cannot get this pic to rotate! Ughhh!
There will be no pics of my charms
until I finish my 2nd class with her in two weeks from now...
Lets just say right now my charms are "rustic" in quality!
 on to
Today's Etsy Spotlight 
The charms are in the basic style Sally Jean teaches
I just find this seller has some funny
captions for her collages
and they are super cute as well!
Added bonus she is having a sale right now!
Ummmm...if you know me....
Ummm....if you know my sister and I
Ummmm...if you know me and most of my friends.....
Definitely if you know me....
Me and my pal Esta.....
Great message...
For all my photographic friends...
There are many more charms to browse
Check them out
don't forget about the sale!