Friday, April 29, 2011

Waking up late.....but just in time....

So I woke up late today....
just in time
a glimpse of the happy couple...
Then off to Art and Soul Day 2...
Today was Event Journaling
This was one of my first pages...
I'm going to leave the photos at this
because I'm waaay far from a finished page
it was a lot more time consuming than I realised
So I will show some of the finished pages at a later date...
I thought I'd share some of my ATC's
Been very busy nightly with these

These are just are just a few
of what I have left
need to whip up some more...
Tomorrow is Vendor Night!
Woot Woot!
I should be broke by the end of this weekend...
I'd normally have a hard time getting to sleep
because of the excitement
but my allergies are KILLIN' my mojo...
But what a sweet morning
Prince Wills had such a grin on his face today..
you could really tell he loves his Kate...
So did you wear your tiara today?
Happy Friday!

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