Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scrap, Paper and Scissors Oh , My!....

Art and Soul Day Four...
Today was a nice relaxing class...
for many of the Artsies today was the last day .
Even though the official last day of courses are tomorrow...
So it was a great class for a Sunday...
Taught by Opie O'Brien with assistance from his wife Linda...
check out their many passions
Opie demonstrated several of  his favorite techniques
and let us run wild....
These were the inspirations for the class
photos taken with his permission...
we were to bring postcards or photos
from travels
and then let your imagination take you there
somewhere else...
I found this lovely and interesting photo in a pack of scrap
her smile just made me wonder
where was she
why was she here
The pack contained several photos of the same young girl
most all black and white
school pictures
and family posed pictures
there were only a few like this that were in color
and all of this "adventure"
So I decided to use her as my inspiration
and make up my own story
raised to be a New York Socialite..
Rigid and Polite...
She decided to unstitch herself..
so that she could Fly!
There really were some lovely products from this class
amazing to see so much talent
and how everyone took the basic suggestion and ran with it...
I think my pieces will get better as I try more of the techniques
I am pretty happy with my piece today
and just glad I had a finished product
Sometimes it is so hard to not over think what you are doing
I want things to turn out and not make mistakes
because my time is so precious to me
I have very limited time to work on my projects
so when something fails
it really bothers me.
After today I've decided to let that go
and know that even mistakes in your work tech you something..
What do you think?
Happy Sunday!

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