Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yardsale Relationships.....

I know I promised a few details about the yardsale...
I have to admit
I have a love/hate relationship with the whole yardsale event
other peoples yardsales,
the money I make,
getting rid of things!
dealing with annoying,
and cheap people.
When I advertise that my sale starts at 8
that doesn't mean at 6 when I am trying to put things out
that you should walk up and start going through boxes and asking me questions
while I am trying to unpack.
I am one of the most friendly people you can meet 
and think it is common courtesy to respect others requests even if you are in their yard
and not a retail store!
I guess I also know there is sort of an unwritten code of ethics
for haggling also.
I think it is insulting to offer someone 75-80% less than what they have
marked on an item.
There was definitely a lot of stuff I wanted to just see
go out the door...
but the first little old lady who offered me .25 cents for something I had marked $1
I said sure...
then all her friends and a grown grandchild
came up to me with all sorts of items ranging from $1 to $4
and every one asked me if they could have them for.25 cents!
When I declined their offers with what they could see
was frustration in my face,
one woman looked at me and said
"These cards don't even have envelopes! This is a yardsale you know?!"
(15 or so full size Victorian greeting cards $1!)
she wanted them for .25cents $1 was already a great deal...
"Yes, it is a yardsale but I do have to make some money. If I wanted to donate them I would
have taken them to Goodwill,
Thanks but I'll keep them."
and just to see if she could add insult
the granddaughter whom I had already discounted several items for
had to ask again for a set of mugs I had $1 on for .25 cents
all I replied was "No, I think $1 is fair"
she slammed them down and huffed away...
For the life of me I just don't get what makes people act this way
Otherwise the day went really well,
we made some decent money,
spent time with family,
my awesome sister in-law came to help,
my grandmother showed up,
and we got rid of a lot of stuff!
I'm also proud of myself for having the willpower to
going to the other sales
there were 27 in our little Village that day!

what are some of your yardsale experiences like?
Do you have any tactics for dealing with uncouth shoppers?

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  1. well, then I am the person you want to come to your sale, because I never ask for lower and sometimes, feel silly for paying as much as I do. In fact, I was at a sale last week, bought some old books and the seller said, what do you think, $2 says I, sold says the seller. She almost seemed surprised and I wondered if I could have gotten them for $1, but hey, sometimes I feel it is just a buck. I shop at our Goodwill a lot and everything is $1, unless it has a sticker with the color of the week, then it is half price. I have been buying with the intention of reselling some pieces and I know I have to at least get my money back. Oh well, you cleaned out your clutter, made a bit of cash and you met some sour people. Good thing you can meet lots more nice people on the web!