Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The things you can learn from Dr.Seuss.......

I am loving my sons interest
in finally sitting still long enough to read...
and I am so excited that right now his favorite books
are written by that genius of a man

Green Eggs and Ham
The Sneetches
The Lorax
The Grinch
The Cat in the Hat
Oh, The places you'll go!
and take an aspirin before you read
Fox in Sox...
I'd forgotten how tongue twisting,
and profound
these books are.
I think some of life's most important lessons can be learned from
these books...
Believe in yourself...
Try new things....
Have fun and it's o.k. to be silly no matter your age...
Love your neighbor..
Respect our planet...
Don't discriminate....
Good friends and a loving family are life's greatest treasures....

One of my favorite quotes :
Be who YOU are and say what YOU feel,
those who mind don't MATTER
and those who matter
don't MIND!
Such an amazing artist and creative writer
what a gem to have both talents wrapped in one person.
What lessons of life do you remember learning before the age of 5?
Happy Tuesday!

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