Monday, May 2, 2011

Thriftshare Monday...Art and Soul style....

To go along with my usual participation in
Thrifshare Monday
at ATG
I thought I'd share some of the thrifted items
that I used in my artwork this weekend
and some of the goodies
from vendor night
These purchases were from Dimestore Chic
they are on on Etsy
I didn't provide a link because they are on vacay right now...
I'll definitely be doing a feature on them as soon as they are back...
Cheery vintage fabric swatches and two hand towels...
Eight of these vintage Christmas Goodies boxes..
Vintage match tins and candy tin
I'll definitely use the candy tin as the house for a tiny vignette..
All Vintage
diaper pins - to use in jewelry
 ballerina cake decorations (I actually got 8)
weighted handmade clown
sweet little bisque dollie
all will be used in future projects
Come back for a glimpse of the Dollie in her new home
I'll feature her in the Niche' I made with Sally Jean Alexander
in another post....
Jewels, Jewels Jewels!
all vintage
All kinds of vintage plastic western kids toys
with a bag of fencing
Loooove this tin basket!
Two tin cigar boxes and some paper ephemera
from Rusty,Dusty,Old and Crusty
This sweet doll
and the shop owner throws in a handful of old rusty nails
if you want them for projects...
I HAD to buy this paper doll set
her name written on the back was PAM!
She has quite the wardrobe...
When I purchased the paper doll
all I saw was what was on top
The added bonus was that underneath was this Orphan Annie set
Whoever owned these took very good care of them
they are definitely vintage
I can't wait to use them in a collage project!
In total I think I spent right around or less then $40 dollars
the quality of everything was so great it was worth spending a tad
more on a few of the items
Here is what I can create out of your old National Geographic magazines

This is using a special technique to change the existing image
with a solvent
it liquefies the inks and creates beautiful designs
then you let your imagination run wild
I think this one is was channeling a bit of Klimt?
The photo doesn't show all of the iridescence in some of the areas of paint
I'll show more of my work and the whole process in a future post
How do you think I scored?
Happy Monday!
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  1. Oh I love all your treasures. Especially, the match tin and the black and floral tin basket. Thanks for sharing, great finds!