Monday, July 30, 2012


Found my camera card so
Thriftshare is back on!
I mentioned last week I had some amazing finds...
so much so I'm having to split it up!

Mommy needed a day out
so I stopped at one of my local favorite charity shops
to look through the free book bin...
Instead I found these goodies!
 First I spied this lovely box and promptly snatched it up!
I was surprised that inside were still several pieces of original vintage stationary...
all for $2.95!
Birthdays, babies and get well soon, and more....
Some glitter accents too...

 Then at another stop I dug through the .25 cents "some of everything box"...
Found two fans...
This one is paper with sweet stamped and gold accented butterflies..

This sheer fan is tattered a bit, 
and has the most interesting silver icicle sequins.
These two pieces of ribbon are so faded and delicate ...
The wide ribbon has a beautiful "M" monogram...
I wonder if it would have been a bookmark?
Maybe for some sort of award?
Any ideas let me know!
The lace strip has velvet underneath...
I just know they will find their way into a great future project
into a gift box for a friend .
All .25 cents each!

The fabric in the background was $1.99 for quite a few yards!
So cheery I couldn't resist!
The note cards were sitting beside the box I found in the first store
they say "what a lovely gift"
kind of nice instead of  the usual "Thank you" don't you think?
12 for $1.95!

Next I went to a Christmas in July sale
and scored big time in the luggage department!
I'll share more soon!
Hope you picking went well this week!
Head on over to
to check out some other great finds around the globe!
Happy Monday to all!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday musings, and blueberries too!

I am going to admit
that as a mother to a four year old...
most of the time I am all over the place!
I have not mastered being a scheduler, not great at all at keeping up
with the toys and mess that is created,
and often can't remember why I even walked down the
hallway sometimes when I get to the end!

Then there is the creative side of me constantly
"Hey - pay attention to me!"
that is where I retreat to when my life feels out of control.
Fantasies of major paintings finished,
photography series being done,
getting enough interest in the retreat to the beach,
heck even just a simple blog post some days!

Point being....
I took all these great photos during the week
all my great flea market and thrift finds last week
and of all the made from scratch
blueberry goodies we made...
and what happens?

My camera card is now missing!
If it doesn't turn up tonight I'll end up re-photographing
the treasures and have to hope I find it later.

I thought I'd share some of the photos of the first trip out to the
blueberry patch...

 This pond is at the end of all the rows of blueberry bushes,
lots of marsh flowers and dragonflies flitting everywhere.

 Little Keeper loved having the buckets that attached to your waist....
He was more entertained by that than actually picking the berries I think!
 These were some of the biggest blueberries I have had in years...
My grandmother and great aunt had several bushes we used to pick from...
In the last few years paying $4 for a pint has been a real
After making the trek out to Bush Neck Farms....
I don't think we will ever go back to buying them in the store.
Something i have also been trying really hard to do is buy and support local farms.
Not only do you know where the food is coming from 
but it TASTES sooooo much better!
These were the sweetest I have had in years!
I must admit several never made it into the bucket!
 This is the last surviving piece of the Blueberry Coffee Cake
I made this week...
My family absolutely loves this recipe!
I knew when my grandfather approved of it years ago
it was a keeper!
You can find it in this wonderful cookbook by one of my favorite
illustrators and all around beautiful eccentrics...
Tasha Tudor.
You can purchase it here at the

Hope you had a great weekend
and to hoping I find out where my camera card went to!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inspiration,,,,( and bear with my background please!)

A super busy week has led to
sorts of 
getting off track!
I've also hit my limit with Bloggers photo allotment? 
Had no idea there was a limit!
So please bear with my unoriginal background while I try and work it out!

I really wanted to share this little video
of an artist from Richmond that I stumbled across
on Tumblr a while back
( a great blog about all the amazing uniqueness that is dear old Richmond)

I am absolutely inspired by his work
I love the fact that he is unafraid to be
 he wants to be.
In a world so full of people following the herd
it is refreshing to see it.
(photo from Kickstarter)
(view the video through the link below)


I wish him the best of luck when he hits the road...
Hopefully we can run into the traveling man on a visit to Richmond!
You can also visit Charlie at these two links to view his
thoughts and works
Return of The Cowboy Prince (Tumblr) 

Hopefully I will get the whole background / storage thing settled this weekend...
Love to you all!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Insta Saturday.....

Must be a Summer thing...
I was so busy yesterday I totally forgot to
post my Insta Friday pics!
Boy has it been a packed week!
 went to Art Camp
Tidewater Artists Group
lots of fun, good food, and great classes taught by fellow
I did not make the shrines
but I did make a necklace like the one on the right.
It is an etched bullet casing!
I will post a separate story that process....
Very Cool...
My husband is such a kid sometimes still...
Had to pull over to "save" this turtle and place him off the road...
(I know he really wanted to keep it for our son)
Trip to Bush Neck farm for a little
husband and wife pickin' competition...
Let's just say we are definitely over-achievers...
ended up with 23 lbs!
(who'd have thought 2 buckets full would be that much!)
  Thrifting Gods were smiling down on me this week!
I have so much to share on Thriftshare
I may have to split it up!
The resident farm dog coolin' it
and the last of the "weigh in"!
Hope you had a lovely week and finally get some rain like us this weekend!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Roadside relics....

A few of the
roadside beauties during
my roadtrip to West Virginia...

 This one reminds me of
something that Andrew Wyeth would paint....
 Someone on this farm has a fun sense of humor....
Makes me want to pack up and move out
to the country every time we drive through these areas.
Definitely inspired a new project for me...
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Insta Friday....West Virginia Style

Insta Friday
this week has a West Virginia feeling..
took a road trip
to Snowshoe.
I was actually there to work
but it was a great weekend.
Back in college I used to professionally face paint.
I'm not talking the stuff with stencils and Q-Tips.
I'm talking full on theatrical makeup Mardi-Gras and stage worthy artwork!
So I of course am the annual hit with our family reunion kids,
Halloween and I occasionally still do it for hire.
That was the point of the weekend at Snowshoe I worked for them
during their community appreciation weekend.
I had a nonstop line from 10 a.m. until 6:30!
I only stopped for one half hour! 

My son requested a Benji Tattoo!
A little Improv...

Lots of great scenery on the trip up...
Not to mention that our GPS took us all over creation!
We've been there before but wanted to go a more "direct" route...
The great thing was it was a beautiful ride and we got to see some
great areas for camping and swimming,
quaint little towns and some nice little roadside restaurants
all to try on our next trip up.
I didn't take any pics of the kids b/c I had so much
glitter and paint on my fingers
I didn't want to mess up my Ipod.
Hope you have a fun filled weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Etsy Spotlight...

I've decided to revive
the Esty Spotlight
that I used to do every week...
I like to highlight either one of my favorite shops
someone I think is a wonderful artist...

This week I want to introduce you

I absolutely love the style
of Tamar
I even happened upon her personal Tumblr
totally by accident and I knew it was hers instantly....
It is a lovely, cheery, visual journey 
check it out

These are a few of my favorite things
found in her shop currently...

Stop over at the shop and swoon over the pretty 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Goin' on a Road trip....

Been away a few days
on a Road Trip....
It was definitely an adventure...
Tried to stop and do some thrifting/antiquing-
no success.
 One store was closed by the time we got there
and a horrible rainstorm blew up as we arrived at another so
we opted to skip it.
So maybe some thrift share next weekend...
Thought I would share this lovely
scenic view instead...
 Hope you had a Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

A few scenes from our neighborhood parade....
This kids parents are Rock Stars in my book!
Crafty Cool!
 The Abe Lincoln look is always fashion able on the fourth!
 are those wheels legal sir?
 Red , White, and Blue 
all American Mustangs!
 I noticed this lady shedding a tear
after our Army troops went by...
 Annual Roll out of our
two antique Fire Engines from the still used
1918 Firestation!
 Coolin' it with a Popsicle from the Mailman!
Hope your Fourth is Fun
remember to drink lots of water on this record breaking day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Memories and the best Pie Ever!

On the car ride home today
I heard that Andy Griffith had passed away.
I'm in that weird age group that
grew up watching the re-runs of shows like his on Saturday
and Sunday mornings.

A totally different generation
enjoying some of the same shows our parents watched.
One of the most iconic opening scenes
and songs for openers.
That simple little whistled tune...

Andy retired to one of my favorite places
on earth.
The Outer Banks of North Carolina.
 Where is this story going?
Well Andy also led me to some of the best pie on earth!

A few years ago
a local reporter did a story about
a little sandwich shop that is a locals secret here in my hometown.
One of those places that still makes 
dishes from scratch like my grandmother used to make.
Old fashioned fruit salad...
chicken salad ...
chicken bake...
and all kinds of pie!
 The reporter mentioned
at the end of the piece that the owner Mrs. Swain makes 
some of the best from scratch pies on earth,
and that if Andy was ever on his way through our area
he would call ahead for pie!
That was all it took for me to stop in.
I worked around the corner for two years and we went at least once a week
with the ladies from my office!
Mrs.Betty is holding my favorite in this picture...
Coconut Creme Pie!
Her Chocolate Pie is the only one I have ever had
that is even close to my grandmothers
so I became very partial to her cooking.
Mr. Swain is always there to welcome you
or have a chat...
something you really don't get in a city like ours anymore.
Considering the population explosion our once small county has been through over the years
it is so lovely
to find somewhere
that makes you feel like this is still a small town 
and they are happy to see you return.

If Mr.Swain is not around 
you fell like something is wrong...
If he isn't there to greet you it is like you missed the mayor!
One time on our way down to the Outer Banks
we stopped in a farmer's market 
and who was standing in the checkout but
Bill and Betty!
I stopped and said hello
and he remembered me instantly.
They were on their way down to their beach cottage
(and I'm wondering if they were dropping off a few pies to Andy)
He remembered my son too who was only about 2 years old at the time!
"The little boy who wouldn't eat my Hot Dogs!"
he said with a grin on his face.
That involved a situation where my husband and I
made it in to the restaurant after a snowstorm had shout down our city for a few days.
Everyone was dying to get out after being shut in.
That day was chicken bake day so we thought what the heck,
it was worth venturing out in the snow for some chicken and pie!
My son decided as soon as we sat down
that it was nap time.
My poor husband ate with one hand the whole meal as he held him in his arms.
My son woke up and decided he did not want to eat
and was going to let the whole restaurant know!
Mr.Swain came over a couple of times
to talk to the two exhausted parents and remind us these are the good times!
He chatted up my son too
but he still wouldn't eat that hot dog no matter how 
Bill tried.
When we went to pay the check he said
"Hot dog is on the house!
take it home and maybe he'll want it later!"
How sweet, he really tugged at my heart by that simple gesture.
Mr. and Mrs.Swain are true gems.
Here are Andy and Opie all grown up...

So Andy....
thanks for the memories
for introducing us to one of the nicest couples around
the best pie you'll put in your mouth!
 Heaven gained a real star today.