Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday musings, and blueberries too!

I am going to admit
that as a mother to a four year old...
most of the time I am all over the place!
I have not mastered being a scheduler, not great at all at keeping up
with the toys and mess that is created,
and often can't remember why I even walked down the
hallway sometimes when I get to the end!

Then there is the creative side of me constantly
"Hey - pay attention to me!"
that is where I retreat to when my life feels out of control.
Fantasies of major paintings finished,
photography series being done,
getting enough interest in the retreat to the beach,
heck even just a simple blog post some days!

Point being....
I took all these great photos during the week
all my great flea market and thrift finds last week
and of all the made from scratch
blueberry goodies we made...
and what happens?

My camera card is now missing!
If it doesn't turn up tonight I'll end up re-photographing
the treasures and have to hope I find it later.

I thought I'd share some of the photos of the first trip out to the
blueberry patch...

 This pond is at the end of all the rows of blueberry bushes,
lots of marsh flowers and dragonflies flitting everywhere.

 Little Keeper loved having the buckets that attached to your waist....
He was more entertained by that than actually picking the berries I think!
 These were some of the biggest blueberries I have had in years...
My grandmother and great aunt had several bushes we used to pick from...
In the last few years paying $4 for a pint has been a real
After making the trek out to Bush Neck Farms....
I don't think we will ever go back to buying them in the store.
Something i have also been trying really hard to do is buy and support local farms.
Not only do you know where the food is coming from 
but it TASTES sooooo much better!
These were the sweetest I have had in years!
I must admit several never made it into the bucket!
 This is the last surviving piece of the Blueberry Coffee Cake
I made this week...
My family absolutely loves this recipe!
I knew when my grandfather approved of it years ago
it was a keeper!
You can find it in this wonderful cookbook by one of my favorite
illustrators and all around beautiful eccentrics...
Tasha Tudor.
You can purchase it here at the

Hope you had a great weekend
and to hoping I find out where my camera card went to!

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