Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inspiration,,,,( and bear with my background please!)

A super busy week has led to
sorts of 
getting off track!
I've also hit my limit with Bloggers photo allotment? 
Had no idea there was a limit!
So please bear with my unoriginal background while I try and work it out!

I really wanted to share this little video
of an artist from Richmond that I stumbled across
on Tumblr a while back
( a great blog about all the amazing uniqueness that is dear old Richmond)

I am absolutely inspired by his work
I love the fact that he is unafraid to be
 he wants to be.
In a world so full of people following the herd
it is refreshing to see it.
(photo from Kickstarter)
(view the video through the link below)


I wish him the best of luck when he hits the road...
Hopefully we can run into the traveling man on a visit to Richmond!
You can also visit Charlie at these two links to view his
thoughts and works
Return of The Cowboy Prince (Tumblr) 

Hopefully I will get the whole background / storage thing settled this weekend...
Love to you all!

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