Monday, February 28, 2011

Thriftshare Monday...

I had to take a break over the weekend
just not feeling too good
If the weather would stop rising and falling 30 degrees
every other day....
before I started feeling crummy
My husband and I managed to squeeze in an Estate sale or two
Estate Sale 1
The one I went to on Friday had been advertised for over a week
Huge listing with all the right stuff!
I figured it would be pricey but stopped anyway.
The home looked as if it was frozen in time in during 1776
that may sound amazing to some of you
but living in this area it can be common
These people had great taste
and you could tell spent years accumulating their collection
It is a shame no one in their family shared their love of colonial America
because it was a pretty valuable collection and a large one
Needless to say it was waaay out of my range
but it was fun to see
$700 Colonial Willaimsburg Craft House farm table
$600 Windsor chairs
$300 Thomas Jefferson Oil painting
I would love to see what the house itself goes for
being that it was only a mile away from mine

I would never take a photo at an Estate sale
this interior is pretty close other than the table could seat 6-8
Same dark wood, beams, pie safe and cupboard
Estate sale #2
Only 3 blocks from my house
I think the owner must have been the original
all the homes one that block were built in the 1930's
I just love seeing original wallpaper,etc.
I went first thing Saturday and bought a few small items
my husband and I went back Sunday because everything was supposed to be 1/2 price
I don't have a photo yet
but we got a beautiful Empire dresser for $100
We have been looking for a large dresser for some time
I just didn't want to pay $700-$900 for a new one
when I knew one would come along eventually.
I can't wait till' next weekend when we can clean it up!
Here are my other finds

Paper box beautifully worn $1.00
Enamel frame with adorable girl $2.00
I wonder who she was
and I wonder if the photo was taken at this house
Sweater clips $1.25
Address book $1.00
never used and again beautifully aged
perfect for an art project
This needle case was my favorite find
It is so lovely and smooth
.50 cents!
They sell similar reproduction ones at Colonial Williamsburg
I don't think this one is that old
but it definitely isn't new

Playing cards $1.00
I plan on using these for ATC's
Business cards and backings for jewelry ,etc. since there are so many
Needlepoint case $1.25
I wouldn't have bought this but the sweater clips came in it.
Other than feeling lousy
this weekend was a good makeup for my bust last weekend.
What did you find?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Todays post is dedicated to my little sister Erin
A Fashionista from birth....
Even at one month old
she could rock a onesie and the dark hair
Erin decided to go to a lighter shade of brown
after a few months with her hair
and made rubber training pants all the rage...
Pajama chic and the bed head look...
Deciding blondes have more fun...
Erin goes with the Strawberry Shortcake Pinafore look
for Santa..
Hoping to start a new trend...
Erin sported the
"Upside down jacket - Hoodie on your Booty" look at age 2
She single handedly made Cabbage Patch cutie all the rage
For Halloween the sad clown with fashionable cape
The original Toddler in Tiara
Erin loaned me this right out of
Breakfast Club hat
while putting the "Kitty Kat" turtleneck on the map...

At Easter
this fashion prodigy could whip up
a dress from a pair of drapes and some satin ribbon

In middle school
she revived the "Anne of Green Gables" look
proving smart is sexy
with her oh, so ,classic glasses

And in High School
she brought back in the romantic look
of "Emma"
by Jane Austen with a modern twist...
Fashion sense spread to her college friends
The "Laverne and Shirley"
Silly and Sensible wardrobe was in!
She also proved
accessories are not just glasses and earrings
So are Men...
She was never without this one for a good few years...
Always by her side like an I-Phone...
Here is her latest must have....
Happy Birthday
to a classic...
From the sister who taught you everything!
Love you Girl!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book and scrap collage....

In the past month
I have shared a lot of my creative thoughts
and a lot of my photos
A few pieces of my original artwork
Today I wanted to share
a collage
Last spring I took a book collage class
by Cathy Taylor
It was wonderful
Very inspiring and some new techniques for me
I used bindings from books
pieces of the spine
threads from the binding
pages , the cover
anything salvageable
with texture and imagery
I even stenciled the gold work onto the cover
since there was no decoration on it

This charming lady has been in a drawer for a few years
now she sees the light of day again
Vintage wallpaper patterned scrapbook page
Brass upholstery tack and sparrow jewelry finding
I found five cards of these vintage tacks for .25 a piece
I knew they would be useful
I forgot what the exact term for those pieces of the binding are called
(yes there is a technical term)
Gift card that I dirtied up a bit
behind it I placed the old worn page from the inside of a book
Why spend hours making things "look" worn
when you can go to yard sales and get yellowed books for .25?

Binding from a tiny German ?book
This tiny background page had this beautiful signature
I pasted the Vintage card on top
Tiny handmade paper flower at the top
Gesso and Modge Podge are your friend!
I discovered at this class that heavy gauge watercolor paper
is a key item
Even though it can be expensive your pieces will last
Just use some of those 40% off coupons at Michael's!
Check out some of my instructors work here
She is such a down to earth , funny and vivacious person
very patient and has the enthusiasm / energy of a 3 year old!
I wish I could bottle her energy!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I got giddy when my first one of these came in the mail...
So imagine my surprise when another showed up this week!
Mainly because I hadn't ordered anything..
I thought maybe it was a gift
(my husband tried to take credit)
Once I opened it I realised it was part of my Christmas order
I guess one item had been back ordered and I totally forgot!
It was a great surprise though.
Super cute sewing box with threads and needle case
one of my faaaavorite girlie designers

You couldn't be grumpy in a room like this!

Cath herself
Too much cuteness
Had any great surprises lately?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Thrifting? .....

Happy Monday!
Hope you're having a great President's Day!
Funny - is there really any ritual for President's Day
here in the U.S.?
Most all other major holidays have them...
Prez day though?
Other than some excuses for retailers to have a sale...Hmmmm.
Let me know if you have any...
Maybe we should start some...
Wouldn't that be fun..
Today is Thriftshare Monday over at ApronThriftGirl
I had absolutely zip zero luck this weekend!
I must say it is rare for me to not be able to fins SOMETHING!
I purchased quite a few books because our local Borders is closing
even though they were 20-40% off I won't call them Thrift
So I thought I'd share some things I got a bit before I started my blog
Mainly because the money spent went to a great charity...
Dream Catchers of Williamsburg
They provide therapy through Horseback Riding
simply through visits to their facilities
to be with the animals...
Here is what I found
Handsome man .25 cents
Medicine bottles $4.00
Vintage Hankies $3.00
Embroidered tablecloth $4.00
Wreath and tiny duckie pin $1.25
This was a great sale
They didn't try to overprice things so they sold lots of items and sold them fast
I also donated some extra money for their cause...
If you are interested in what they do check them out.
did you find anything this weekend?
Let me know about those Presidents Day traditions we should start...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday....

A little fun at the park...
Amazing how a slide canbring so much joy!
(He had to carry his lunch with him)

You're going the wrong way...
Sunday was a Funday!
What did you do this weekend?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Yourself....

Week Three
Love Yourself...
I think there are several components to be able to love yourself

Know yourself
Where you come from and
Respect the past

Don't be afraid to be yourself
an Individual...

Have your own thoughts...
Be by yourself
I think you can really find out
who you are when you aren't relying on
other people for validation
When you can sit alone
in a park, at a movie, in a cafe'
and be totally comfortable with being alone
Take the time...
to indulge yourself...
(my favorite Iced Coffee)
There is absolutely nothing wrong with pampering yourself
even in the smallest of ways
You are worth it

Do the things that make you happy
Never stop learning
about yourself
Give of yourself to others
Let me know how you have learned how to love yourself.
Take a peek at Jeanne Olivers page for the link up to others in the challenge!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling a bit under the weather
I'm not sure if I'm sick or just exhausted...
Part Three
 in the All Four Love photo challenge
Love Yourself..
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesdays child...

I'd like to feature another one of my Etsy favorites
Upcycled jewelry with flair
You have to be very brave to wear pieces like hers
I don't think just anyone could pull them off
But they are divine pieces of art in my book

Jesse James
wouldn't this be awesome with cowboy boots
and some Prairie Chic?

Remember these?
Those charms we collected in the 80's?
This is so playful and brings back memories.
The funny thing is when I look at her pieces
I can think of individual people and the personality I think they would go with
Check out Rebeccas store for more
great wearable works of art!
Happy Wednesday!