Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday....Creative Partying on a budget...

Part 3
So where to shop for great deals?

I think the Dollar Stores are your friend
I noticed a lot of the "Party Stores" weather online or local
had bulk party items that seemed overpriced to me
Plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths,cutlery
all cheaper at the dollar store
Party favors and candy
same thing
Unless you are looking for something very specific
chances are you can get more of these items for a lot less at the DS

The other stores I found things at were
Target, Wal-Mart, Big-Lots, Michaels,E-bay and Party City
(I'm not endorsing any of these it's just where I shopped)
Most of the big box stores were where I bought things on clearance
Again, if you start a bit sooner you can take advantage of clearance deals
Good example are the invitations
I got these Pirate Party Invitations at Target
clearance .98 cents for 8
Since the theme was Spongebob I just added SB stickers to customize them
A pirate hosts SB - perfect!
The Invites had been $4.99 and the stickers were $1.00
Then to customize our event I made an insert
I can draw
however anyone could copy photos or drawings
and add their own details
cost = free!
E-bay was also great
I got a SB inflatable lawn decoration
that would have been $40.00 for $9.00 in an auction
I figure I can always re-sell it
I also used sites like Playlistand Pandora for music
SB theme and others from the show
Beach music
again cost = free
Be creative and keep your eyes open for those deals!
We'll talk creativity in decorations next.

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