Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book and scrap collage....

In the past month
I have shared a lot of my creative thoughts
and a lot of my photos
A few pieces of my original artwork
Today I wanted to share
a collage
Last spring I took a book collage class
by Cathy Taylor
It was wonderful
Very inspiring and some new techniques for me
I used bindings from books
pieces of the spine
threads from the binding
pages , the cover
anything salvageable
with texture and imagery
I even stenciled the gold work onto the cover
since there was no decoration on it

This charming lady has been in a drawer for a few years
now she sees the light of day again
Vintage wallpaper patterned scrapbook page
Brass upholstery tack and sparrow jewelry finding
I found five cards of these vintage tacks for .25 a piece
I knew they would be useful
I forgot what the exact term for those pieces of the binding are called
(yes there is a technical term)
Gift card that I dirtied up a bit
behind it I placed the old worn page from the inside of a book
Why spend hours making things "look" worn
when you can go to yard sales and get yellowed books for .25?

Binding from a tiny German ?book
This tiny background page had this beautiful signature
I pasted the Vintage card on top
Tiny handmade paper flower at the top
Gesso and Modge Podge are your friend!
I discovered at this class that heavy gauge watercolor paper
is a key item
Even though it can be expensive your pieces will last
Just use some of those 40% off coupons at Michael's!
Check out some of my instructors work here
She is such a down to earth , funny and vivacious person
very patient and has the enthusiasm / energy of a 3 year old!
I wish I could bottle her energy!
Happy Wednesday!

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