Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creative Partying (w/ a Budget)

I know I've been talking about saving money
I threw my son his 3rd Birthday party back in December
His first two birthday parties were very low key with family
This year I wanted to go all out for him
Mainly because I know he is so amazed by things now
I kept envisioning the joy on his face when he would walk into the room.

I try and be a thrifty person all the time
Our economy has forced my family to watch what we spend even more
So I thought over the next week I'd share a few of the things I did to save money
and still have a totally decked out party.
Step One:
Choose your Theme 

You don't have to choose characters and Pre-made decorations
I love to remind people to think "outside the box"
If your little boy loves tractors
You don't have to have decorations w/ tractors stamped all over them
Use green tablecloths,plates,and plastic ware (Green pastures)
Throw down an old straw beach mat on the floor (hay)
Pin the Tail on the donkey - definitely appropriate
Plastic toy tractors and farm animals
 If your little girl loves Butterflies
Use her favorite color for tablecloths,plates,and plastic ware
Lots of flowers - silk or paper.
Make copies of flowers and paste them on the walls
Make copies of butterflies and hang them from your ceiling
(let your kids color them)
Pin the butterfly on the flower
The ideas can be endless and your party will be unique.

If you feel you just aren't good at brainstorming
The best thing to do is use the Internet !
We chose Spongebob as our theme

I spent hours Googling SB party ideas
There is so much to be found
The best part is
You can chose what you feel most capable of
How much you want to do
How much you want to spend.

From decorations to food
Make a list of your favorite ideas and keep them in a notebook...
Part two tomorrow..
I will also be participating in Thrifshare tomorrow
so I will have two separate posts!

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