Monday, February 14, 2011

Thriftshare Monday....

Today is not only Valentine's Day
but it's Thriftshare Monday at ATG
I decided not to mix posts today and keep Thriftshare seperate
My husband and son tagged along this weekend
He'd love to be an American Pickers sidekick
I figure if they did a version where
He went to the junkyard and showed all the salvage
He'd be a prime candidate for host!
He scored a few goodies
and here is my score...
Hearts card game .48 cents
I love the graphics
I'm guessing 70's?
I've been looking for something like these to use for
advertising and for backings for hairpins, etc. when I open my Etsy store
Baggie of sewing notions $2.98
The hook and eyelet cards are very old
again I was drawn to the graphics on the cards
I will probably use them in collage
The cloth behind is a set of 8 napkins
They had been marked down twice!
60's or 70's?
I saw them last week and didn't want to pay the original price
Couldn't pass up this weeks price!
They aren't quite what I usually pick up
but I was drawn to the bright colors
I think someone else will appreciate them too
This dish was only .98 cents!
It had been marked down 3 times!
Makes me wonder if some of the Thrift Stores (even though they support charities)
Have forgotten that they are Thrift Stores
This has a chip and it has no special maker
It is simply old
I guess they hope someone will really want these "antiques"
and pay the ridiculous price they put on it first
(Wah Wah anyway)
I've decided that I'm going to use all
these dishes I have collected
I want to enjoy them
Whose to say anyone will want them after me in my family?
I see so many people at Estate sales selling off things
They didn't want and means nothing to them
Their Mothers "good china"
 which probably sat in a cabinet
and either never got used or was only used a handful of times.
So here is to a cabinet full of flowery dishes!
Hopefully my husband won't mind dining off of bluebell bouquets
and roses for the next 20 years!
What did you find this weekend?
they didn't want that belonged to their parents

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  1. hi pam, lovely finds. i think my favourite is those cards. the illustrations are so very colourful and lively!

    i think it's my first time visiting here. dropped by from apron thrift girl :)