Monday, February 28, 2011

Thriftshare Monday...

I had to take a break over the weekend
just not feeling too good
If the weather would stop rising and falling 30 degrees
every other day....
before I started feeling crummy
My husband and I managed to squeeze in an Estate sale or two
Estate Sale 1
The one I went to on Friday had been advertised for over a week
Huge listing with all the right stuff!
I figured it would be pricey but stopped anyway.
The home looked as if it was frozen in time in during 1776
that may sound amazing to some of you
but living in this area it can be common
These people had great taste
and you could tell spent years accumulating their collection
It is a shame no one in their family shared their love of colonial America
because it was a pretty valuable collection and a large one
Needless to say it was waaay out of my range
but it was fun to see
$700 Colonial Willaimsburg Craft House farm table
$600 Windsor chairs
$300 Thomas Jefferson Oil painting
I would love to see what the house itself goes for
being that it was only a mile away from mine

I would never take a photo at an Estate sale
this interior is pretty close other than the table could seat 6-8
Same dark wood, beams, pie safe and cupboard
Estate sale #2
Only 3 blocks from my house
I think the owner must have been the original
all the homes one that block were built in the 1930's
I just love seeing original wallpaper,etc.
I went first thing Saturday and bought a few small items
my husband and I went back Sunday because everything was supposed to be 1/2 price
I don't have a photo yet
but we got a beautiful Empire dresser for $100
We have been looking for a large dresser for some time
I just didn't want to pay $700-$900 for a new one
when I knew one would come along eventually.
I can't wait till' next weekend when we can clean it up!
Here are my other finds

Paper box beautifully worn $1.00
Enamel frame with adorable girl $2.00
I wonder who she was
and I wonder if the photo was taken at this house
Sweater clips $1.25
Address book $1.00
never used and again beautifully aged
perfect for an art project
This needle case was my favorite find
It is so lovely and smooth
.50 cents!
They sell similar reproduction ones at Colonial Williamsburg
I don't think this one is that old
but it definitely isn't new

Playing cards $1.00
I plan on using these for ATC's
Business cards and backings for jewelry ,etc. since there are so many
Needlepoint case $1.25
I wouldn't have bought this but the sweater clips came in it.
Other than feeling lousy
this weekend was a good makeup for my bust last weekend.
What did you find?

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