Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Thrifting? .....

Happy Monday!
Hope you're having a great President's Day!
Funny - is there really any ritual for President's Day
here in the U.S.?
Most all other major holidays have them...
Prez day though?
Other than some excuses for retailers to have a sale...Hmmmm.
Let me know if you have any...
Maybe we should start some...
Wouldn't that be fun..
Today is Thriftshare Monday over at ApronThriftGirl
I had absolutely zip zero luck this weekend!
I must say it is rare for me to not be able to fins SOMETHING!
I purchased quite a few books because our local Borders is closing
even though they were 20-40% off I won't call them Thrift
So I thought I'd share some things I got a bit before I started my blog
Mainly because the money spent went to a great charity...
Dream Catchers of Williamsburg
They provide therapy through Horseback Riding
simply through visits to their facilities
to be with the animals...
Here is what I found
Handsome man .25 cents
Medicine bottles $4.00
Vintage Hankies $3.00
Embroidered tablecloth $4.00
Wreath and tiny duckie pin $1.25
This was a great sale
They didn't try to overprice things so they sold lots of items and sold them fast
I also donated some extra money for their cause...
If you are interested in what they do check them out.
did you find anything this weekend?
Let me know about those Presidents Day traditions we should start...

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  1. We don't get Presidents' Day off here, so I celebrated by getting to work in only 20 minutes instead of an hour of traffic, like usual. Enjoy your day!