Friday, February 11, 2011

Unexpected Love....

All Four Love
Week 2
I  racked my brain this week for the challenge
Yet right in front of my eyes
Was my Unexpected Love...

My little Liam
I have to give you some background to explain why.
(Well, just why he was unexpected)
My husband and I have been married for 10 years this year
For the first seven years we were married
I never got pregnant
We weren't necessarily trying and I was not in any hurry
I always thought if it is meant to happen it will
When I approached 30 my clock wasn't necessarily ticking
I just thought maybe we can't have kids
Good friends of ours and a family member had all had struggles with this
Doctors, costly treatments and heartache
I again took the attitude that if it is meant to happen it will
In 2007 I somehow injured my back to the point where I couldn't walk
Two days later when I could tolerate standing upright
My husband took me to the Med Express
It was Mothers Day
The doctor came in and listened to my complaints,
took some blood and said he was going to print my paperwork
When he came back in he handed me my prescriptions
Then he said he hoped I felt better and wished me a Happy Mothers Day
"Oh" I said, "We don't have any children"
He stopped for a minute looked at us both
and said "Well yes you do. You're pregnant!"
I gasped in shock. I felt a huge rush of adrenaline run through me.
For some reason I started to laugh as I looked at my husband
He had the same dumbfounded expression I know I did
"She just came in for back pain!"
We all laughed for a minute.
I remember the drive home we were elated and still in shock.

Here he is today
The Unexpected Love of my life
He has taught us so much
Slow down, take time,be patient,play like a kid, forgive and forget, giggle,
Life is best when kept simple...
and EAT CAKE! 


  1. What a sweet story!! Somehow I think the unexpected ones are the best! (Not the best kids, but the best stories. lol) :) Thanks for joining in our challenge!!

  2. Thank you my sweetie for commenting on my blog, I am so glad that you like Freds work - I hope the links are inspiration for you :)

    Love Mr and Mrs Happy xx

  3. Your story is wonderful!!! I never had a story like that with my pregnancies..that makes a great story:-) Thanks for playing along. I can't wait to see your photos for this week.