Thursday, February 24, 2011

Todays post is dedicated to my little sister Erin
A Fashionista from birth....
Even at one month old
she could rock a onesie and the dark hair
Erin decided to go to a lighter shade of brown
after a few months with her hair
and made rubber training pants all the rage...
Pajama chic and the bed head look...
Deciding blondes have more fun...
Erin goes with the Strawberry Shortcake Pinafore look
for Santa..
Hoping to start a new trend...
Erin sported the
"Upside down jacket - Hoodie on your Booty" look at age 2
She single handedly made Cabbage Patch cutie all the rage
For Halloween the sad clown with fashionable cape
The original Toddler in Tiara
Erin loaned me this right out of
Breakfast Club hat
while putting the "Kitty Kat" turtleneck on the map...

At Easter
this fashion prodigy could whip up
a dress from a pair of drapes and some satin ribbon

In middle school
she revived the "Anne of Green Gables" look
proving smart is sexy
with her oh, so ,classic glasses

And in High School
she brought back in the romantic look
of "Emma"
by Jane Austen with a modern twist...
Fashion sense spread to her college friends
The "Laverne and Shirley"
Silly and Sensible wardrobe was in!
She also proved
accessories are not just glasses and earrings
So are Men...
She was never without this one for a good few years...
Always by her side like an I-Phone...
Here is her latest must have....
Happy Birthday
to a classic...
From the sister who taught you everything!
Love you Girl!

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  1. Thanks, sis! I've clearly been experimenting with style from day 1. This was a lot of fun!