Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day fun....

This year I decided I was going to do a lot more creative gifting
What happened to making cards at home for the different Holidays?
Making your own Halloween Costume?
When did everything have to be bought at the store?
I remember making birthday cards as a kid
Drawing or tracing my favorite Disney characters myself
being creative
Even if my friends couldn't draw
We could cut and paste the heck out of anything
Glitter, magazines, markers, paste and scissors were all you needed
Hours of fun!
My son and I spent Saturday morning making cards
I cut everything out and he helped me put all the stickers on
Who cared if they were straight?
He's 3
I know I'd keep those cards vs. a pre-fab any day
Here's one

He's really into dinosaurs at the moment
I also decided to use all the cookie dough in the freezer
use up a bunch of bakery boxes I got super cheap
They were Martha Stewart I got on clearance at a T.J.Maxx
 $2.99 for a set of 6

Since we are trying to watch what we eat
It helped us get rid of the temptation

We made some really nice gifts that didn't cost us much
The more important thing here is not just being thrifty
But that we got to spend some time together
Hopefully the recipients appreciate the time we took
to make something Special for them.
I 'm not saying something is not special if you bought it from the store
but slowing down and taking some time
to do things the old-fashioned way
benefits not just the receiver but also the giver

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day
Now I'm going to get some Milk...

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