Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thankful for those who inspire us....

In light of their recent victory
and inspiration they have given to
underdogs everywhere.
I've again dedicated a post to
the Mens VCU Basketball team.
It has just been so uplifting to see a group of people
who were put down by many
go so far.
There was truly one person who really believed in them,
gave them what they needed to get where they are.

Coach Shaka Smart
He's 33.
A couple of years younger than myself.
mature beyond his years in my opinion.
You know,
kind of like our parents, spouses,mentors,etc.
All we need is that one person to let us know
they really believe in us,
in what we can do,
the talents we have,
where we can go,
what we can achieve.
Coach Shaka lost his grandfather yesterday.
Walter King
He was 91 years old.
He lived to see his grandson take his team to
The Final Four.
His grandfather used to mail him basketball articles
from the Chicago-Tribune and the Sun Times.
Coach said his grandfather
"Taught me humility, appreciation, and how to interact with people."
Coach was raised by a single mother.
He said his grandfather was "there to give him that male
influence and taught him the things only a man can teach you."
He was there for me"
The team knew that Mr.King was ailing
and all he asked was for them to win the USC game.
They came through all the way!
"Now we're trying to win the whole thing for him.
That would be special" said Joey Rodriguez.
Who was the believer in your life?
The person who inspires you?
The person who showed you how to be you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Money Tree....

I really like Amy..
this is one of her videos.
Should definately put a smile on your face.
 Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today I am nursing a strained back
hoping it doesn't turn into anything worse.
Thank goodness I got
my thrifting in before
I started to feel
the strain!
Found this nifty juicer
for $5
whoever owned it before me
used it for arrangements
there is a flower frog glued into the bottom
Purely for decoration at this point
but I would have loved to use it for the
intended purpose.
Love this chalkware Witch
and her kitty
Found her in a Goodwill for .99 cents
will be great on the mantle
with our over the top Halloween display...
What did you find this weekend?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Final Four!

Welcome to the

VCU has proven they are where they belong!
Wayne Gretzky once said
"You miss 100% of the shots you never take"

VCU took their shots
and has stunned a lot of folks
who were overconfident
that this underdog
couldn't do it.
The little engine that could is full steam ahead!

I used to love college basketball,
never really cared for "Professional"
because I feel like a lot of those guys (not all of course)
just don't have the drive once they are making millions of dollars.
In later years I have to admit,
my love had been wavering...
Thanks to the current coach and the team
these guys have made basketball exciting again.
next Sunday

Cheer for the little guys...
who have come a looong way!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ram fever!

Rams Florida!

O.K. so I don't typically write about sports...
but come on,
last nights game is so worthy!
We were up until a little after midnight
and then had a hard time going to bed
because we were so excited!
Those last few seconds
were gut wrenching!
My sister and her boyfriend were sooo excited
when the first two games
were in Chicago.
The band and its leader gained some notoriety...
The team won both games
Taking it to a level they've never been to before!
Little did they know what they were in for last
Now here they are on their
way to the Elite 8!
Congratulations to a group that has definitely shown
there is no "I"
in "Team" !

Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Cuteness......

On occasion
 I like to take photographs simply
because something I saw was just so
darn cute it just made me
have to snap a photo.
I don't plan these shots at all
I thought I'd start sharing some of them
with you.
This one was at a playground....
I mean honestly
if this adorable chubbsy baby
doesn't make you
bring a smile to your face,
then you have genetic
Grumpasaurus Syndrome
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Icons - Maureen O'Hara

This week I decided
to follow up with my St.Patrick's Day post
Maureen O'Hara
or nicknamed by her friends
Big Red
One doesn't even have to call her beautiful
it is so insanely obvious
Born in Ireland
She started acting as a child
Her first 2 feature films were under her belt by the age of 19!
Can you imagine?
The most notable of the two
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
I remember watching this movie as a kid
and being fascinated by it
She the damsel in distress, an outcast, but with a true heart.

If you have any respect for Santa Claus
then you have seen her as the sensible mother in
Miracle on 34th Street
I loved this movie to for the sense of trueness and hope
each character had
and that even she as a nonbeliever could in the end
The original and best
Parent Trap
Pooo to the LL version
No one can top her skills
Of course again I have to mention
The Quiet Man
it just wouldn't be right
She and John Wayne made many more movies together
like McLintock!
They had great chemistry
and remained close friends the rest of their lives
She and her husband even had a wing of their home.
named after him!
Sadly she lost her husband and good friend the same year.
Against All Flags
w/ Errol Flynn
I really remember her as the heroine
in so many Pirate movies
I probably saw most of them a million times
Wasn't she the coolest woman ever
 to not end up being a damsel in distress and put on these boots
and (gasp) pants and do some swashbuckling? 
In a time when most movies didn't portray women this way
All her characters have that fiestyness
That's why I love her!
Remind you of a certain recent movie w/ the
Oh, so Johnny Depp?
Didn't realize the concept had been done already?
This movie was
The Black Swan
remind you of
The Black Pearl?
Other great swashbucklers
Sinbad The Sailor
The Spanish Main
Feisty and True
Maureen O'Hara
turned 90 last year
without her my love for Piracy would have never been!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesdays Child....

Etsy favorite for the week
The lovely girl who creates these pieces
is in Thailand
amazing how Etsy brings together artisans
from all over the world
These pieces are made to order
I decided to share a few
because there are son many to browse
 you should definitely check out all of her offerings
The Mexican Day of the Dead tradition has
always fascinated me
So these caught my eye right away
There are so many possibilities for pattern...
The work is so intricate and beautiful
They would definitely make unique wedding cake toppers
but would be quite a conversation piece
on display in your home or studio
There are also lovely doves
and of course the more traditional
Bride and Groom
Love the dress on this gal..
So head on over and spend a while looking
at all of her beautiful work
You know you are getting your monies worth
when you see all of the fabulous detail and design
that goes into her work.
Let me know what you think...
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Had a very long weekend
Organizing a wreck of a house
Out of town guest
Who I couldn't have gotten a thing done without
Missy Rocks!
A sick husband.
Of course...
I still found time to thrift!
Best score of the weekend
was a Roadmaster Tricycle
I don't have a photo because
it ended up at the sitters house
before I could photograph it
Cherry Red and Chrome
I couldn't believe it!

Found this sugar bowl and Spice bottle at a moving sale
and of course I picked up the bowl because it was my favorite green
Lovely box of velvet ribbons and trims in lots of colors

I was very drawn to this colorful bird embroidered towel
The saucer was just so lovely I had to have it

The lace on this tablecloth is so delicate
and has a sweet design
Cute doily
and very intricate design on this hand towel
I think of how much time it took for someone
who was doing this for fun or necessity
must have spent and how proud they probably were when they finished
We are so used to going to the store and just buying things
There was a time when people didn't have access
to major stores and did things like this
in order to have something nicer
and probably also enjoyed spending time with their craft
I couldn't resist the plastic baby - The Kitsch in me had to have it
The frame is metal and a bit rusty
both will be great for some mixed media projects
and the pin was so darling - again - couldn't leave it

My last find was this sort of medal
It was just in a box with some
paperclips and rubber bands
"Florida Power & Light Co."

The back however says U.S.A.F.
Sea Survival School
Turkey Point
I'm assuming which is United States Air Force
I haven't been able to look into the history
of this piece yet
If any of you have any insight
I'd love for you to share it with me.
What did you find this weekend?
Head on over to
Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Quiet Man...Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Happy St.Patricks Day to all...
One of my absolute favorite movies
is highly appropriate for today....
The Quiet Man
starring John Wayne
Maureen O'Hara
I don't remember when I first watched this movie
but I absolutely love it!
Truly funny characters
and John Wayne in a non western/war hero role
Romantic comedy
a bit Un-PC for now-a-days
(but what the hey)
This movie was made in 1952
Even at almost 60 years old,
there is still a huge following of fans for it.
People make pilgrimages to
the actual sites where the movie was filmed throughout
Ireland / Innisfree

People flock to this cottage for photo ops
There are special tours just to see these landmarks
People like to reenact scenes from the movie
and have photos taken of their antics

The only other movie I know of people like to reenact like this
is the Rocky Horror Picture Show
60 years later
this may be the best movie you've never seen...
So if you can check it out!
Let me know what you think!
In the meantime
Happy St.Patricks Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In the everyday
I'd like to think miracles happen.
As more video and photos flow from Japan
I think this is proof
of a
yet large
This 4 month old baby
was found in rubble in Ishinomaki
3 days after the earthquake and tsunami.
Think of how delicate
our children are or were
at that age.
How on earth this child survived
absolutely blows my mind...
Here is to hoping
for more miracles
in all forms.
Continue to direct
our good thoughts,
 and energy,
towards Japan.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wednesdays Child...

Spotlight on Etsy seller :
First however,
 I would like to say
I am so happy to see
one of my readers from Japan
back today.

I stumbled across Andie

Hence these "buttons"
made of sugar!
They are so beautiful!

Look at this amazing Ladybug...
These mushrooms are so delicate
I think this shop owner has such a talent..
Drop by the link
to see some of the other amazing creations.
Happy Wednesday!
looking for vintage items...

Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend was so beautiful...
all the more reason to enjoy some
outdoor yard sales.
Please excuse my lack of photo zest this weekend...
My husband found this chest of drawers circa 1970
We whitewashed it and gave it that "aged" look
This photo doesn't do it justice...
It was a fun afternoon working on it.
An acquaintance of mine was having a yardsale
she gave me all of these vintage prints, mats,etc.
So cost $0
I did purchase this from her also
Not a thrift item.
It was an investment piece
It was in such beautiful condition and we have the perfect spot
for it.
I just wanted to share it.
Hope you had a great weekend...
What did you find?
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It is hard to put into words
the feelings you have
when a tragedy
across the world happens.
All I can do is say
my thoughts and prayers
are with Japan.
For the last 3 days
of course I see that my readers in Japan
are absent from my statistics .
 I can't help but feel
a clenching sensation in my chest.
I hope for their safety
and want to let them know
I miss them ,
I  feel for them,
 I ache for them.
I look forward to the day when
I hopefully see them
come back.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good deed doers? Or dealers in disguise?

It's that time of year again.....
You try to walk into the grocery store,
and there they are...
You try to go into the gas station to pay,
and there they are....
You try to get into the mall,
and there they are....
watching you,
calling out to you,
you feel the pressure
as the other addicts are there getting their fix...
These doe eyed little devils dealing their drugs...
I mean cookies.
Well organized and dating as far back as 1917
Girl Scouts are the mafioso of baked goods...
Their reach is felt far into all of society...

Early ring leader
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
In the beginning
girls were taught the recipe and cookies were baked at home..
They were sent out in roving gangs to peddle their "goodies"
 at.25 to.30 cents a dozen.
During WWII when sugar,flour,and butter were in shortage
they were smart enough to diversify and sell calendars for a time...
To involve all age groups
the girls are broken up into gangs.
These girls are taught to keep up a wholesome image
so as to hide the true nature of their network...
"Service projects" for the communities they live in...

From rescuing helpless kittens
to visiting with the elderly....
These cherubs are well organized and compensated...
Selling to earn badges , status, and recognition in their gangs,
or as they call them "troops".

These troops are supported by of all people,
 their mothers...

Distribution has gone Worldwide involving the U.S. Military
Now look who is in negotiations to get in on some of that
well organized cookie action.....
The network (or council) is expanding to show they don't discriminate
Low fat
Sugar free
Once excluded,
 diabetics ,dieters , and even the Jewish can eat them now!
What has this world come to?
Soon they will retreat back into their underworld
to replenish their supplies for next year..
Until that time stay strong...
If you see those colorful boxes in a loved ones freezer,
sneak them out so they won't be tempted to fall off the wagon.
Seriously though
I have to admit...
I am a recovering Cookie-Holic...
I was even once a dealer!
I still have my box of badges and medals hiding in my closet!
Are you in recovery?
Drop me a line or join my support group...
Looking forward to your comments...