Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creative Partying on a budget part 4

I'm finishing the series of Creative Kids party suggestions today
Talking about

Here are a few of my suggestions for
Thinking "Outside the Box"
I didn't try to totally disguise the room
But I wanted to give it atmosphere
Spongebob lives underwater in Bikini Bottom
The only true piece of SB party gear I bought for the room was the wall decal
Otherwise we hung the paper streamers from the ceiling for "water"
The balloons w/ streamers are jellyfish
We taped paper fish all over the walls
and tiki totem poles to the doorways
blue tablecloths and lots of tiki decorations throughout
We covered the windows with these tropical scenes from The Dollar store
I used leftover green tinsel from Christmas for seaweed decorations
Mardi Gras beads  and coins for Pirate treasure
Seashells from our beach trips for table sprinklings
We used this inflatable baby pool for a fishing game and a treasure dig
The Kids loved these two games!
I had the big kids do the fishing and the little ones catch them with the nets
We also hid coins , compasses and rings in the pool under all the streamers "water"
We let each kid get in by themselves and have a minute to find all their treasure
When we we done the little guys just wanted to roll around in the streamers!
I also asked everyone to wear "Beach Gear"
That added to the decorations!
I also has flowers for the girls to wear in their hair
flower leis , sunglasses,etc if they showed up without their gear!

Here is the cake and cupcakes
I had the bakery make the blue cake for $12 instead of the $45 SB themed cake they made
I decorated it w/ a SB and fish set of candles from The Dollar store
The cupcakes were $6.99 for 12
We made them look like jellyfish by using Twizzlers for legs
and added the spots with our own icing

All this took some planning but everyone had a great time!
I'd like to think it looked like I got a lot for my money
Not that it looked as if I spent a lot!
If anyone has any questions or is interested in anymore
ideas let me know.
I know this party centered around a 3 year old
but I'd like to offer help with other themes if anyone would like it.
Thanks for following this series for Thrifty Tuesdays!
Let me know what you thought..leave me a message.

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