Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ahhhh...a break....

Yesterday was a good day...
I really scored at a few estate sales..
I'll share my finds tomorrow on Thriftshare..
The best part was that my parents
offered to take my son overnight!
He is 3 and has only ever spent 3 nights away...
So it was a much needed break..
The hard part is deciding what to do with those precious hours.
We went out to dinner with our bestest of friends
and got to SLEEP IN!
It's the little things people.
I'd like to share some pics from my sister
the other spare time was spent trying to decide
on an anniversary trip for later this year...
These pics just make you ache for summer after the long winter we have had..
Cable Beach
Look at the thousands of tiny fishies...
Imagine this view
the rustle of the palm leaves
as you lay in your hammock
warm breeze  on your skin
sipping a Daiquiri

watching the dolphins play
mingling with the other stylish and glamorous
(We love his glasses and Clark Gable Moustache)
This was so much fun..
and topped off a good day.
Here is to an early spring hopefully.
Check out my sisters blog at
Come back tomorrow for Thriftshare
and later this week I will be doing my first giveaway
so come back soon!
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Did you pick a vacation spot? We're seriously looking at a cruise in October... if you can convince hubby to go along with the plan, we'd be happy to take bubby off your hands for a bit!