Monday, March 21, 2011


Had a very long weekend
Organizing a wreck of a house
Out of town guest
Who I couldn't have gotten a thing done without
Missy Rocks!
A sick husband.
Of course...
I still found time to thrift!
Best score of the weekend
was a Roadmaster Tricycle
I don't have a photo because
it ended up at the sitters house
before I could photograph it
Cherry Red and Chrome
I couldn't believe it!

Found this sugar bowl and Spice bottle at a moving sale
and of course I picked up the bowl because it was my favorite green
Lovely box of velvet ribbons and trims in lots of colors

I was very drawn to this colorful bird embroidered towel
The saucer was just so lovely I had to have it

The lace on this tablecloth is so delicate
and has a sweet design
Cute doily
and very intricate design on this hand towel
I think of how much time it took for someone
who was doing this for fun or necessity
must have spent and how proud they probably were when they finished
We are so used to going to the store and just buying things
There was a time when people didn't have access
to major stores and did things like this
in order to have something nicer
and probably also enjoyed spending time with their craft
I couldn't resist the plastic baby - The Kitsch in me had to have it
The frame is metal and a bit rusty
both will be great for some mixed media projects
and the pin was so darling - again - couldn't leave it

My last find was this sort of medal
It was just in a box with some
paperclips and rubber bands
"Florida Power & Light Co."

The back however says U.S.A.F.
Sea Survival School
Turkey Point
I'm assuming which is United States Air Force
I haven't been able to look into the history
of this piece yet
If any of you have any insight
I'd love for you to share it with me.
What did you find this weekend?
Head on over to
Happy Monday!


  1. Florida Power and Light is FPL our electric utility company. I know Turkey Point is one of the nuclear plants for this utility.
    Beyond that, I'd be guessing!!

  2. Lovely, lovely finds! I especially love the box of trims and ribbon, and the metal frame! That little pendant really has me stumped. Those two things just don't seem connected. Always something puzzling when you're thrifting or going to yard sales. That's half the fun!

  3. I took the USAF Sea Survival course at Turkey Point back in '77 or 78. I don't remember receiving such a pendant. It's quite unique!