Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Icons - Maureen O'Hara

This week I decided
to follow up with my St.Patrick's Day post
Maureen O'Hara
or nicknamed by her friends
Big Red
One doesn't even have to call her beautiful
it is so insanely obvious
Born in Ireland
She started acting as a child
Her first 2 feature films were under her belt by the age of 19!
Can you imagine?
The most notable of the two
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
I remember watching this movie as a kid
and being fascinated by it
She the damsel in distress, an outcast, but with a true heart.

If you have any respect for Santa Claus
then you have seen her as the sensible mother in
Miracle on 34th Street
I loved this movie to for the sense of trueness and hope
each character had
and that even she as a nonbeliever could in the end
The original and best
Parent Trap
Pooo to the LL version
No one can top her skills
Of course again I have to mention
The Quiet Man
it just wouldn't be right
She and John Wayne made many more movies together
like McLintock!
They had great chemistry
and remained close friends the rest of their lives
She and her husband even had a wing of their home.
named after him!
Sadly she lost her husband and good friend the same year.
Against All Flags
w/ Errol Flynn
I really remember her as the heroine
in so many Pirate movies
I probably saw most of them a million times
Wasn't she the coolest woman ever
 to not end up being a damsel in distress and put on these boots
and (gasp) pants and do some swashbuckling? 
In a time when most movies didn't portray women this way
All her characters have that fiestyness
That's why I love her!
Remind you of a certain recent movie w/ the
Oh, so Johnny Depp?
Didn't realize the concept had been done already?
This movie was
The Black Swan
remind you of
The Black Pearl?
Other great swashbucklers
Sinbad The Sailor
The Spanish Main
Feisty and True
Maureen O'Hara
turned 90 last year
without her my love for Piracy would have never been!

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