Friday, September 30, 2011

In touch with his feminine side......

O.K. I could not resist......

I've never heard of Antonio Garay....
if this was a ploy to gain some female football fans...
then it worked!
Any man confident enough to sport a Hello Kitty
Smart Car
is allright in my book!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is a Plug!

I love these guys and I think they have one of the few
reality t.v. shows out there that have
"real" people in it....

The Fabulous Beekman Boys...
Brent and Josh

(Got Goat Milk?)

Their show was just renewed on Planet Green
and new episodes will begin in March 2012

Two city boys who decided to buy a farm
in a small town,
 raise goats!?
Josh still commutes to the city and
Brent is always coming up with new ways to sell
their products made of Goats milk....
Their adventures in daily life,
their friendships,
the hardships and fun in learning the farm,
and their openness of spirit
make the show such a refreshing
change from the "norm".

Tonight they will be on QVC at 9 p.m. eastern time
to share their new Cookbook

Tune in to take a look at the book
and see how charming these two are in real time....

If you purchase the book
 Brent and Josh have informed me there is a place

where you can upload photos
of the recipes you try.
Photos of the plated items
or sharing the meal with family and friends.

Good Luck to the boys!
Can't wait to see their behind the scenes photos!

Happy Wednesday!

(all photos are via Brent and Josh's FB page and

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hoping and Acceptance.....

Three years ago
when I found out I was expecting
a baby boy,
all I wanted was for him to be healthy.

Later I realised that
I don't think I had ever expected to have a
I didn't grow up around them.
I had four boy cousins who lived out of state.
Just me and my lil' sis.

I have wondered if I will be able to
will I be able to share things with him as
well since I am such a girly girl?

As far as all my "treasures" to pass down
maybe he will have a daughter,
maybe I will have a niece?

Hoping he can turn some of his busy energy
into a creative outlet like me.
He's only 3
but so far 
he's not into coloring...
Maybe as he gets older
he'll enjoy
treasure "hunting"?

(last summer)

(he watched and "helped" as I did these chalk drawings)

(by the swimming pool on vacation)

The great thing is I have opened
myself up to deviating from
where I "thought"
I would be at this point.
Even though I am a quite tired
working mommy,
I have started to notice the direction my creativity has taken
lately is:
that busy boy, my photography, and treasure hunting.
I'd love to sit down at the desk more
and simply paint or collage or make jewelry.
I am starting to accept that maybe for right now
the above three
are pretty good for now.
I think being the sole bread winner
(with technically 2 jobs)
a writer
a photographer
a mother
and a bargain hunter
is a pretty full plate.
Adding in the occasional crafter
is icing on the cake.
It is about quality and not quantity right?
I think it is easy to try and compare ourselves with our
of others.
I always have to remind myself we never truly know what
another persons life is really like.
So I think I'm good with where I am now
I'm looking for ways to share my creativity with that
little boy of mine.
I hope maybe one day he will want to join me
in one of my passions.

Happy Sunday to all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NaDa Barn Sale and Art weekend....

I definitely plan on making a week long
trip at some point to visit my sister in Chicago
around the time of
 The NaDa Barn sale and Art Weekend....
The next one is coming up
October 7th
If you live in Illinois
you should definitely check it out...

Classes will be taught by
"Salvaged Treasures"
I make similar pieces
Hers are such an inspiration
                                                                     Jennifer Rizzo
"Reflections of the Prairie"
mixed media
                                                                       Jeanne Oliver
 Jeanne will be offering
 Vintage Mixed media and Journaling classes
as well as a
an Art Of Business class
I Sooooo would love to take these!
Check out all the links
and think about signing up
I don't think you will be disappointed!

(all images courtesy of the featured artists)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainy Day Flea market........

On Saturday I had hopes for a lovely Fall morning
Trip to the Farmers Market
Flea Market in Williamsburg
They usually only hold it two times a year
it rained all day..
I still made the drive
but most of the vendors either didn't show
or were packing up after the first hour...
A few were well covered and decided to tough it out....
Of course I managed to find a few things!
I don't think I've ever been to a sale where I couldn't find something!

Vintage box of Swano Aquarelle Pencils

Cabinet Cards
Several lovely ladies and wonderful newlyweds
He has the best hairdo up close!

Two little girls
the left is a tintype
Civil War era or just after
You can't see it but her cheeks are a bit rosy...

You can just make out her blushed cheeks as well..
Young lady of Creole descent?
Her eyes, make me wonder.
I paid a dollar for each of these.
I plan on using them in a few of my many projects...
I can never bring myself to use the actual cards
I plan on scanning all of them before I use them.
Very used little travel / fold up clock
I really wanted it for the case
I can't decide if I want to dismantle the clock for parts
and use the case for a vignette
or leave it as is and display it...
Well loved and worn childs toy pistol
The handle probably should have had a bakelite or plastic covering
I imagined it cracked and came off if the owner was anything like my son!
I thought it would be fun to display in Baby Keepers room.
O.K. I have no idea what to call this...
needle point?
The design is lots of little raised threads
The needlework has been sewn onto a linen backing and the top left open
I'm not sure if it was intended to be a pincushion or small bag..
It was only $1
and appears to be quite old.
Is anyone familiar with this type of needlework?
Hopefully the sun will come out for next weekend!
Check out Her Library Adventures
Apron Thrift Girl

2nd Time Around
To see what else what other treasures were found this week!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun for free.....

I have shared in the past
a few of our difficulties in the last few years
since our son was born...
as I have gotten older I definitely believe in the phrase
"Things always happen for a reason"
Things may not be turning out the way YOU want them to now
but at some point in your future you will look back
and see how those circumstances changed who you are
caused you to learn
caused you to grow
or benefited you in a way that made your life richer...
My point being...
One thing that has brought us closer as a family
is that in trying to save some money...
We have re examined all of the fun things you can do that does not cost money!
At first it was about the money...
After a few outings,
I then started to remember what were my everyday memories of childhood that standout?
Only a few involved outings that cost my parents much...
Day trips to the beach
Trips to the local "petting zoo"
The park
Playing in our tent in the backyard
Making assorted bakery items out of mud in the backyard!
Fishing in my grandparents backyard
Catching and examining all kinds of bugs
Story time at the local library
Board games...
You get the picture,
the list could go on.
So here are some photos from our last outing that was wonderful for our son
and easy on our wallet...
only cost gas!
Colonial Williamsburg has all kinds of animals throughout their property

We took a nice walk near the Williamsburg Inn
and Duke of Gloucester Street...

Sheep coolin' it...

lots of horses out this day....


Probably hoping we had brought apples from the Farmers Market...

Little Keeper had the best time looking up close at all these
animals we normally drive by...

Even got to chase a colorful and curious lizard!
So easy and effortless ...

If you are like us and are wondering what to do with your kidlet
I highly recommend that you sit back and make a mental list of the things you used
to enjoy as a child...
or think of the things your child has not EXPERIENCED yet...
and start there.
Instead of driving by things you say you will get to eventually..
go ahead and take the time to stop now...
I'm already seeing how fast he grows
and how easily you could let your daily "chores" and "must dos"
get in the way of a few precious moments and memories...
Those things will always still be there..
but the time you missed out on with your child will not!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life Lessons by Liam.....

Another installment of
Life Lessons By Liam.....

Playing with your food
is perfectly acceptable
as long as you tell your (Artsy) mother.....

you were just being "creative"!

We call this Whistlers Cupcake!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiny bit of Thrift!

I have to admit...
I felt like a total, um.....slug this weekend...a slightly sick one....
My new work schedule is kicking my rear....
but hopefully soon it will start to even out!
Friday I did manage to stop at one of my favorite DAV's for a "quick" run through....
Ha! me quick, yeah right!
Here's what I found....
Huge amazing pair of vintage pinking shears with box and papers still!
Two of these cowboy themed bandanna's
$.99 cents each!
I thought I'd try making a pillow out of them for Baby Keeper!

Lovely little pastoral lady that I'm thinking I'll use in a project
.99 cents
this really interesting bowl
it has a robin egg blue glaze inside and then this sunny yellow
and orange/green dotted glaze on the outside...
It has three initials in black on the bottom but I can only make out the first and the last
which are A and M...
Either someone made it in a pottery class or it is something special...
Look familiar to anyone?
Two tiny bumblebees
definitely another craft item
.45 cents
More various sewing implements....
I liked these items for the graphics....

It was quite a large bag
even more than in the photos
Not bad for a funky weekend!
What did you find?

Check out Apronthriftgirl,
2nd Time Around
and see all the other great finds!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Williamsburg Farmers Market....

WilliamsburEarlier in the summer
I started a photography project involving
several of our local farmers markets.
The summer has been so oppressively hot and humid.
We have not taken many trips out to the markets.
Even at 8 a.m. most days it has already been upper 80's and 100% humid!
Until two weekends ago
finally the humidity has started to fall.
These photos are from the Williamsburg Farmers Market
held in Merchants Square 
Tourists and locals mix in...
and what we call the local "unofficial" Williamsburg Dog Show
Duke of Gloucester Street is a favorite of runners, walkers,strollers,and the pet parade!
We decided to bring our cart this time
because melons are in season
If you don't plan on buying anything that large
a simple shopping bag is all I recommend.
You do have to park and walk in to the market
Cars are not allowed at all on Duke of Gloucester
(being that there were none when our first capitol was established!)

Helpful maps...

The Usual

 and some of the unusual....
Some of these are as sweet as pineapple!

Canary melons....
Lots of flowers....
From $3, $12, to $20
By several vendors
my favorite is
Amy's Garden
They offer the $12 bouquet
and have a huge variety of whatever is in season
They have ready made bouquets
they will make you one with whatever appeals to you

These Tuberoses were to die for!
The smell was so intoxicating..
Just the right breeze and you could smell them halfway down the street..
I wanted to buy this crate....
so cute!
The market also offers a weekly demonstration...
This one was by
they offer classes in canning
and help finding good for you local food!
I missed out on learning to can from my grandmother...
so I definitely want to take their class!
There are also several vendors who offer
drinks and baked goods.
The turnovers and cookies we bought
didn't make it long enough to be photographed!
Little fingers snatched them right out of the bag as soon as they were handed over!
I thought I would do a separate piece about the
vendors who offer the non-produce items
like baked goods, honey, goats milk cheese, ice cream, and soap.
There are also a few vendors who offer seafood ,
organic meats,  peanuts, and eggs!
This is one of my favorite markets as far as a destination...
You can go for a nice long walk when you are done,
they also have a weekly musical guest,
and people watching is so much fun here!
Hope if you live local or if you ever come to visit Willamsburg
you try something new!
Happy Weekend!