Saturday, September 10, 2011

Williamsburg Farmers Market....

WilliamsburEarlier in the summer
I started a photography project involving
several of our local farmers markets.
The summer has been so oppressively hot and humid.
We have not taken many trips out to the markets.
Even at 8 a.m. most days it has already been upper 80's and 100% humid!
Until two weekends ago
finally the humidity has started to fall.
These photos are from the Williamsburg Farmers Market
held in Merchants Square 
Tourists and locals mix in...
and what we call the local "unofficial" Williamsburg Dog Show
Duke of Gloucester Street is a favorite of runners, walkers,strollers,and the pet parade!
We decided to bring our cart this time
because melons are in season
If you don't plan on buying anything that large
a simple shopping bag is all I recommend.
You do have to park and walk in to the market
Cars are not allowed at all on Duke of Gloucester
(being that there were none when our first capitol was established!)

Helpful maps...

The Usual

 and some of the unusual....
Some of these are as sweet as pineapple!

Canary melons....
Lots of flowers....
From $3, $12, to $20
By several vendors
my favorite is
Amy's Garden
They offer the $12 bouquet
and have a huge variety of whatever is in season
They have ready made bouquets
they will make you one with whatever appeals to you

These Tuberoses were to die for!
The smell was so intoxicating..
Just the right breeze and you could smell them halfway down the street..
I wanted to buy this crate....
so cute!
The market also offers a weekly demonstration...
This one was by
they offer classes in canning
and help finding good for you local food!
I missed out on learning to can from my grandmother...
so I definitely want to take their class!
There are also several vendors who offer
drinks and baked goods.
The turnovers and cookies we bought
didn't make it long enough to be photographed!
Little fingers snatched them right out of the bag as soon as they were handed over!
I thought I would do a separate piece about the
vendors who offer the non-produce items
like baked goods, honey, goats milk cheese, ice cream, and soap.
There are also a few vendors who offer seafood ,
organic meats,  peanuts, and eggs!
This is one of my favorite markets as far as a destination...
You can go for a nice long walk when you are done,
they also have a weekly musical guest,
and people watching is so much fun here!
Hope if you live local or if you ever come to visit Willamsburg
you try something new!
Happy Weekend!

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