Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hoping and Acceptance.....

Three years ago
when I found out I was expecting
a baby boy,
all I wanted was for him to be healthy.

Later I realised that
I don't think I had ever expected to have a
I didn't grow up around them.
I had four boy cousins who lived out of state.
Just me and my lil' sis.

I have wondered if I will be able to
will I be able to share things with him as
well since I am such a girly girl?

As far as all my "treasures" to pass down
maybe he will have a daughter,
maybe I will have a niece?

Hoping he can turn some of his busy energy
into a creative outlet like me.
He's only 3
but so far 
he's not into coloring...
Maybe as he gets older
he'll enjoy
treasure "hunting"?

(last summer)

(he watched and "helped" as I did these chalk drawings)

(by the swimming pool on vacation)

The great thing is I have opened
myself up to deviating from
where I "thought"
I would be at this point.
Even though I am a quite tired
working mommy,
I have started to notice the direction my creativity has taken
lately is:
that busy boy, my photography, and treasure hunting.
I'd love to sit down at the desk more
and simply paint or collage or make jewelry.
I am starting to accept that maybe for right now
the above three
are pretty good for now.
I think being the sole bread winner
(with technically 2 jobs)
a writer
a photographer
a mother
and a bargain hunter
is a pretty full plate.
Adding in the occasional crafter
is icing on the cake.
It is about quality and not quantity right?
I think it is easy to try and compare ourselves with our
of others.
I always have to remind myself we never truly know what
another persons life is really like.
So I think I'm good with where I am now
I'm looking for ways to share my creativity with that
little boy of mine.
I hope maybe one day he will want to join me
in one of my passions.

Happy Sunday to all!


  1. awww i felt the same when i fell pregnant i waited untill baby came to find out the sex i had a girl but i wondered weather i would be able to relate too thanks for your blog it makes me smile x

  2. When my son was as little as yours, I had to put off so much of what I loved. It's been a joy to make time to get back to it, and you will be able to do that soon, too! Boys are amazing; you'll be so surprised at how much you do share together. For example -- Ben and I watched the old design show Trading Spaces together all the time, and now we watch Project Runway together and he can appreciate it and laugh at all of it with me!